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First Chapter Sneak Peek: Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One)

It's almost time!

Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) comes out this Wednesday, April 29th! After a bunch of crappy setbacks last week (broken computer and a sick kitty), I'm back on track! Also, my computer is fixed and the sick kitty is doing better. *wipes brow*

Here's a picture of naked Makoto just because. It's Makoto. Naked. You're welcome.

And here's a look at the first chapter! If you want a sneak peek of chapter 2, join my mailing list here. Enjoy!!!


An alpha was only as strong as his pack, and Trent Yagami’s pack was weak at the moment.
It consisted of Trent himself, an alpha, and Akito, a human he had yet to turn into an omega. Trent needed a beta, and he’d fix that tonight.
He pinched the unlit cigarette between his lips and frowned at the misty rain. It dotted his new leather shoes and his black trench coat, but it wasn’t enough to get anything properly wet unless you stood in it for hours. The neon lights reflected off the slick streets and made the city look like it was aglow. With the cover of darkness, the parts of the city that were in ruins didn’t show. They were great black smudges in between the bursts of light. Lucky for them, some infrastructure of Neo-Tokyo remained intact even after the virus wiped out most of the humans who lived there more than a hundred years before.
There’d never be that many humans again.
Trent’s prey sauntered down the street in a thin crowd of other humans. The flash of pale blond hair (highly unusual in Neo-Tokyo), gave him away. His blue eyes were lined and weary, though they held a light Trent recognized – the spark of a man with something to fight for. His face was angular and smooth, and his hair was cut crudely short. Still, he was a flash of light in the darkness that surrounded him. Trent watched as his prey ducked into Enigma – one of the biggest clubs in Sari’s territory – Shinjuku.
“Back again tonight,” Trent said, his voice a low growl.
His prey had been going to Enigma for the last few months even after Sari set him free. Not that it was an act of kindness. Far from it. Releasing a Level L, like Cole, meant that human was fucked.
Akito, Trent’s omega in training, snorted. “If you found him in his prime, he’d be worth it. But he’s broken now. Sari tossed him out when he couldn’t perform and you want to pick up her dirty laundry. Why?”
Trent smiled, showing the sharp points of his fangs. “You were broken, and I fixed you. I can fix him. And it’s not your place to question my decisions when I choose a pack. I thought he was an old friend of yours, Aki?”
Akito let out a breath just short of a sigh. “We were in the pens together, but that was over ten years ago. And I do follow your orders, but this might get you killed,” he said, his voice clipped and lined with razors. He shivered in the rain. Humans couldn’t handle the elements the same way wolves could. “And if you get killed. . . .”
Pragmatic as always. If Trent got killed, Akito would be out of luck. Left to rot in the ruins with the other homeless humans, the ones that reverted to gangs and acted like animals. Akito would be alone on the streets like he was when Trent found him, hungry and beaten. Used up and tossed out, like most of the human slaves who angered their masters. Humans with omega tendencies weren’t valued among most alphas. Why would they want a wolf designed to be weak?
Well, Trent knew better. Omegas weren’t weak – they were special. Even if they weren’t as physically powerful as other wolves, omegas had a purpose. Just like betas.
Trent took Akito in despite the injuries. Despite the fact that his old master thought Akito was useless. It had nothing to do with pity. Trent didn’t feel sorry for every homeless human on the street, but Akito’s scent called to him. It meant Akito could be changed, and not all humans possessed that ability. It’s why wolves, and Level Ls, humans with the latent potential to become wolves, were superior to their fellows.
And, if Trent really thought about it, Akito’s defiant eyes and pretty mouth didn’t hurt the decision any.
If Trent wanted a strong pack to rule his territory, he needed all his wolves to be strong as well. And strong wolves weren’t drones. Powerful wolves followed their alpha because they wanted to. They obeyed, but not without question. Akito proved he was powerful enough for Trent’s pack even if he was still a human.
Trent would change his omega soon. However, first he needed a beta to round out his new pack and defend his territory. The only places in Neo-Tokyo that were safe for humans and wolves alike were territories run by alphas. The rest of the city – the rest of the world – was a wasteland of overgrown rubble – the Wilds.
Alphas were the only chance at human survival, even if that survival meant conceding control to the monsters they created.
Trent chose the blond, the man named Cole, to be his beta.
While wolves ruled the continent from Petersburg to Neo-Tokyo, only alphas like Trent could incite the change. It kept the wolf population from exploding. Good thing, since the in fighting between packs would lead to problems. There wouldn’t be enough territory, and alphas were very particular about their territory.
“Sari didn’t see what I see. She’s shortsighted. You know what to do?” Trent asked.
Akito nodded. “Of course, but it’s not going to be easy to get him out of there. I’m not even sure if my charm will work. He might not remember me. It’s not too late to try the pens.”
Trent scoffed. “I’m not buying a pack.”
The traders picked up Level Ls and sold them to alphas looking to expand their packs, but it never sat right with Trent. That wasn’t the way to choose a pack – from the dirty faces of people plucked from their homes. From the desperation of humans who sold their own children for another meal. He’d rather use his own instincts to find those who would join his crusade – humans with a bone to pick with the alphas of Neo-Tokyo, just like Trent himself.
“Oh no. You want a bargain pack. Picked up from the streets,” Akito said and rolled his eyes.
“It worked with you. Cole’s the one. I can feel it.” Trent pulled a little plastic bag from his pocket. A bright blue pill was the only thing inside of it. “If he doesn’t go with you willingly, slip him this and drag him out. He won’t be able to fight.”
“That’s kidnapping,” Akito said blandly.
“He’s a human without a master. It doesn’t matter what you call it—he’s free game. The only reason Sari’s pack will even give a shit is because I’m the one behind it.”
Akito smiled and pocketed the pill. “Alphas. Why can’t you get along?”
“We weren’t made to get along,” Trent said and leaned against the alley’s wall. The cold stone bit through his coat and chilled his skin. He motioned for Akito to go inside and get it over with.
Akito did, and Trent waited.
He could do nothing but wait. In fact, even with the small crowds of huddled human workers headed home after a long day or dipping into a shop or bar for a moment of respite from their miserable lives, Trent shouldn’t have been out amongst them. Not in another alpha’s territory trying to poach one of her failed Level Ls. Even if he tried, his scent wouldn’t blend with the humans.
Other wolves could sense him straight off. The part of them that was pure animal picked that up. It’s one reason their kind were so dangerous, never mind the strength and ability to shift—those traits all came with time. But the animal senses started immediately.
Even the youngest initiates had them.
But Trent wasn’t going to sit safely in his own territory and wait for Akito to get back.
If one of Sari’s pack members spotted him, Trent could defend himself. He’d won his own chunk of territory that way, scraped and clawed to be the alpha he was, and he wasn’t going to let it go for anything.
Even if it brought him Sari’s wrath.
Even if this Level L didn’t want to join Trent’s pack.

He’d make Cole his beta.

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Manuscript Monday: What's a beta to do with a horny omega and an asshole alpha?

I finally escaped the brain cloud caused by the flu!

Which means I can enjoy life again, and totally fan girl over sexy pics of Rin and Sousuke as cops. Damn, Sousuke. I think I'm in love. The extra episode of Free! Eternal Summer reminded me why I love this show so much. Also, I now ship Sousuke/Nagisa because I can!

Since it's monday, I have a new snippet of Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) to share with you. Cole has to deal with a sexy (and sort of assholey) alpha and a horny omega. Poor Cole!

Cole crept down the stairs and found Akito lounging in the living room. Like the bedroom, everything was white with dark wood – simple and clean. It was nothing like Sari’s place. Every room in her penthouse had a different theme with a combination of bright colors. It looked like a rainbow exploded, then she tossed glitter over everything just to improve upon in.
This place didn’t overwhelm his senses like that. It made him search for details. A hint of who Trent Yagami was besides the estranged son of the biggest alpha in all of Neo-Tokyo. The mysterious alpha who wanted him when Sari didn’t.
The male alpha who wanted him. And the reason he was here was because of Akito, at Trent’s behest.
Cole swallowed the lump in his throat.
“You don’t look as fucked up as you did,” Akito said and leaned his head over the edge of the couch. “But you’re upside-down, so maybe I’m wrong.”
Cole put on a glare and glanced around. “That’s because you’re looking at me upside-down. Where’s the alpha?”
Akito grinned. “Out. Why? You want to fuck before he gets back?”
“What?” The word slipped out, and his breath caught in his throat. Cole needed a drink of water. Something to eat. The fog might’ve cleared his mind, but his stomach felt like an empty pit and his muscles might as well have been made of jelly.
To make things more confusing, Akito wore nothing but a pair of loose pants that bunched at his hips. His chest was bare, and he ran a hand down it. Smirked. The hint of his cock was outlined too perfectly under that thin fabric. “Come on. I was going to jack off, but it’d be better with your mouth. I’ll bet you give great head. You’ve got the lips for it.”
Cole pouted, and Akito laughed, like that proved his point. “Aren’t you an omega, Aki?”
“I will be when he finally bites me. And what? An omega can’t want sex? What kind of rock have you been living under?”
Cole scowled. “No rock, but I’m not messing around with you after what you did to me. You drugged me, asshole.”
Akito shrugged, but he rolled over and sat up. His brows lowered over his dark eyes. “Do you hate me?”
Cole gaped. Dammit. Akito always could make himself look so sorry you forgot what he did wrong. But this was a fucking huge thing to forget. “You drugged me and took me to your alpha, after I said I didn’t want another alpha. What do you think?”
“I think you didn’t answer me because you don’t hate me. And, to be completely fair, you were drugged up anyway. I just gave you a slight nudge. Plus, he is an alpha. It’s not like I can defy him. Did you want him to punish me?” Akito asked.
Cole sunk into a chair across from the couch. Akito was right about all of that. “No, and fine. I don’t hate you. But I’m still pissed. You tricked me.”
“Yeah, but I did it to save you. Mostly. Trent thinks he can fix you, and he fixed me, so I believe him,” Akito said and stretched. His back arched.
Cole’s mouth watered just looking at him. Not the straightest thought he’d ever had. “How did he fix you?”
“He pulled me off the streets after my old alpha kicked me out. I don’t think he ever intended to bite me, he just wanted to use me as a punching bag and deny any other alpha the right to change me. Then when that asshole was done with me, Trent came along.”
Cole rubbed his arms. He didn’t want to picture Akito in that situation. The pens had been bad enough. Since Akito was small and pretty back then (he was still short and gorgeous, but not nearly so feminine looking as he’d been as a pre-teen), the other humans picked on him relentlessly. Cole didn’t know what happened to Akito before they met, but he used whatever means he could to defend Akito after they met. It was usually his fists. Cole wondered if he could still do that after what he’d seen with Sari.
Punching a guy’s teeth out held a lot less satisfaction when an alpha ordered it. Cole’s gut clenched. “I still don’t want to be a wolf no matter what Trent did for you.”
Akito watched Cole for a long moment. “Why not? I thought you didn’t have a problem with wolves before. You wanted an alpha to pick you.”
Before Cole answered, the front door banged open.
Akito jumped up from the couch as Trent rounded the corner.
The alpha’s eyes burned, and his entire body bunched. He frowned at them both. “Good. Cole’s awake.”
Akito rolled his eyes. “Did you deal with them?”
Trent nodded shortly and looked at Cole. “Come with me.”
It was an order. Cole bristled and scratched his head. The damn alpha hadn’t said much to him since that first day, and the conversation as a whole was a blur. The only thing Cole remembered distinctly (besides the hand job – no way in hell he’d forget that!) was Trent’s threat and the overwhelming need to get away from this alpha before it was too late. Before the bastard bit him and claimed him for good.
Cole did nothing but stand and stare, his mouth a desert. “Why?”
“Because if I give you an order you follow it. That’s how this works,” Trent said.
“I’m not your beta.”
Yet. Cole didn’t say that because he wouldn’t be this alpha’s beta. Although the idea sparked a fire in his gut – something hot and foreign. Something uncomfortably familiar. He told himself he didn’t want to be a wolf. He didn’t want to be like them. Hell, he didn’t know what he wanted to be like at all anymore.
Not himself, that was for goddamn sure.
Being human sucked, but being a wolf meant you were a murdering asshole at the disposal of a crazy alpha. Which was worse?
Trent blinked and stepped closer. He smelled like rain and the distinct hint of wolf musk. The scent was sharper than Sari. Rugged and very male.
Cole swallowed.  
“You will be,” Trent breathed in Cole’s ear and a jolt shot straight to his cock.
Damn. That shouldn’t happen.
Then Trent smiled, like he knew what Cole felt. Even if wolves, alpha’s especially, were enhanced because of the lupine DNA coursing through their veins, they couldn’t read minds, could they?
“I said I’d run,” Cole said, his voice raspy instead of powerful. He licked his lips and glared.
“And yet you’re still here. Aki. Lunch. I’m hungry,” Trent said, his eyes still on Cole. “Follow me or I’ll get a leash and a collar. The choice is yours.”
Akito walked into the kitchen, his lips pursed.
Cole balled his hands into fists and felt his skin flush.
A collar? From the look in Trent’s eyes, the dangerous silver gleam, the alpha was dead serious.

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Manuscript Monday: That awkward moment when you wake up next to a strange alpha

I'm sort of behind on my blog posts at the moment. I've had the flu for a few weeks, and I'm finally feeling better but I'm still slow. Note: the flu sucks big time. Don't get it, if you can help it.

However, I'm working really hard at catching up. And I didn't miss MS Monday! Hooray for that!

Also, I forgot to mention in the last post that Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) is a menage book between Cole (the resistant beta), Trent (the sexy alpha), and Akito (the also sexy omega).

Sort of like this, but with different hair colors and styles. Also, more peen. Gotta love the peen.

As promised, here's a sneak peek at Cole meeting Trent for the first time. Enjoy!

Cole turned over in bed and noticed a man sat next to him. Longish brown hair framed his face, unruly and tied back into a short ponytail with wisps sticking out in thick waves. His skin was golden, and his eyes were an unearthly silver. His mouth was turned up a fraction, but it was enough to show the sharp edge of his fangs.
A wolf but not just any wolf – an alpha.
Cole could tell by the glint in the man’s eyes. No other wolf had that expression. Only alphas looked that perfect. All other wolves were just humans who’d been changed. Alphas were more than that. They were the first.
Cole stared. Licked his lips, and tried to make his hung over brain come up with something to say that wouldn’t get his throat ripped out.
“Who the hell are you?” he asked.
The alpha smirked. “That’s what I expected. Defiance. I didn’t think you were as broken as you let on.”
Well, that didn’t answer Cole’s question, but alphas were like that. They only said what suited them, no matter how annoying it was to anyone else.
“Fuck you,” Cole said and rubbed his hand over his face. If he got his throat ripped out, at least he wouldn’t have to deal with alphas anymore.
To his surprise, the alpha didn’t lunge and tear his flesh. Instead, he laughed. “I’m Trent Yagami.”
Cole shrugged. That name meant nothing to him. Well, the first name anyway. “Yagami? Like the Boss Yagami?”
If so, this alpha didn’t need to rip out Cole’s throat himself. He had an army of underlings to do it for him. Yagami was the most powerful alpha in Neo-Tokyo with the largest amount of territory. It stretched from the city center to the outskirts, past the ruins and into the wilds. Word had it that Boss Yagami had farms out there and humans who worked them. That’s how he got his resources. He had one of the only fresh supplies of food coming into the city. And if this was the Yagami, what did that mean?
Cole swallowed.
Trent’s eyes narrowed. “No. Not that Yagami, but I see you’ve heard of my father. This is why Sari discarded you. A wolf has to know their enemies, and you don’t know me.”
“You’re my enemy?” Cole asked, and felt the blood drained from his face. A chill shot up his spine. “Sari kicked me out because I couldn’t. . . .”
“Enforce her will. I know. You spared that man’s life, but he died anyway. And now you’re here. But I can fix you.”
Cole blinked. Squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to see the thing he ran from for the last year – that man’s face. The fear. The dread that choked him. Cole couldn’t do it. He dropped the gun. Let the man go. Only Sari’s wolves got the man anyway.
Because wolves always won.
They ruled.
Whenever Cole closed his eyes he saw the blood and flesh rip apart. Heard the cries the man made, cut short as the wolves tore out his throat. Cole knew he couldn’t do that – couldn’t be one of those things.
They weren’t human.
They were animals without morals or compassion. All they cared about was their territory and gaining more power.
He couldn’t join them and he couldn’t fight them, so he gave up. But giving up now wouldn’t help him survive.
“I don’t want to be fixed,” Cole said and threw the covers off.
A dark haired man curled next to him, and Cole’d been so unnerved he didn’t notice until now. It only took a quick glance to figure out who it was – Akito.
How could he be so stupid?
Or course Akito turned Cole over to his alpha. What loyal pack member, wolf or not, wouldn’t?
Shit. Whatever happened between them in the past, Cole needed to get out now.
He slipped out of the bed and stood on unsteady legs. He still had on his boxers, but his pants were missing.
Trent raised both brows. “You want to go back to partying until you end up dead? You want to give up the potential you have to be great because you failed at one simple test? I think there was a time you wanted to be part of a pack. Live a better life. Yet you’re willing to give it all up and throw everything away. Why?”
Cole glanced around the room and headed toward the window. His heart pounded as he yanked open the shades. The sight that met him was unfamiliar, to say the least. Not the urban sprawl of Neo-Tokyo’s crumbling concrete buildings and skyscrapers, which gave way to the rubble in the distance. Instead, he stared right at a thick forest. Trees with new growth twisted beyond the window, and a small pond with a little rock garden sat in front of them.
“Where am I?” Cole breathed. “And how long was I out?” If alphas could avoid answering questions, he could too.
“Only for the night. This is Yoyogi Park, a mere fraction of my territory. Ever seen a tree, Cole?” Trent asked, his voice thick with sarcasm.
Cole scowled and slumped against the window. “Not in a long time. Not since. . . what do you want from me?”
“For one, I don’t want you to die,” Trent said. He stood up and rubbed the hair out of his face. Since he was an alpha, Trent was taller than Cole by several inches, with broad shoulders and a strong frame. “I’m building a pack, and you’re going to be my beta.”
Cole rubbed his fingers through his own straight blond hair and glanced at Akito, who was still asleep. The words turned to mush in his head. “Why me? I don’t want to be like you.”
Trent rolled his eyes. The silver caught the hint of sunlight and sparked. “I don’t care what you want. That’s the upside of being an alpha. I’m stronger than you. I can find you wherever you run, and I can bite you and make you mine. That’s what I intend to do.”