First Chapter Sneak Peek: Sync & Shadows (Darkvale Book 4)!

Good news! My editor didn't hate Sync & Shadows. I should get the copyedit back this week (or early next week), and the book will be ready for release next Wednesday! I hope!

To celebrate, I'm gonna share the first chapter. Yeah, it still needs a copyedit so I know there are a few typos. But who cares! You came for the kissing, right? Here it is. ^_^

Chapter One

Spencer Bennett pressed himself into the shadows and took a deep breath. The air chilled his lungs—icy in early spring.No, that wasn't right. He wasn't Spence Bennett right now. He was Sync.A masked vigilante.With his powers, he could be considered a superhero.And being a superhero was a lot more complicated than he anticipated a mere few months before. Even the name and the black uniform didn’t keep him from feeling like Spence Bennett at that moment. Especially when he'd been standing in the same spot for close to an hour. His legs ached to the bone, and he had a stitch in his side that he'd gotten …