New Erotic Novella: Brothers in Sin

I have a new romantic erotica novella on Smashwords right now. It'll be on Amazon and B&N in a few days.


1835 Son Rullan, Spain.

Brother Pío has lived his entire life in a secluded Spanish monastery as a monk of the Catholic Church, although he hides a fearful secret. Not only is he attracted to men, he also finds pleasure in the pain that is supposed to free him from sin. Instead of offering a path to sanctity, the thongs of his whip drive him into a flurry of lustful thoughts and desires.

Then Brother Matthew, a monk and traveling scholar, arrives and turns Pío’s world upside down. Not only does the man relish in pleasures of the flesh, he also tries his hand at Pío, giving the young monk the pain and release he needs. As Matthew helps Pío come to terms with his conflicted feelings, their relationship gives way to the danger when the other monks grow suspicious of the time the two spend together.

However, Matthew can’t remain in Son Rullan forever, and Pío must choose between his Church and his love.  

Novella length, about 16,000 words

Male/male erotica

Warning: Graphic sex scenes


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