Dark Passions: The Vampire's Awakening Excerpt

Here's a short excerpt from my new story. It's the first in a planned trilogy about Charles and his lover/s. Enjoy!

"The month I turned into a vampire was probably the most eventful in my entire life. At the time, Edith Pickering was my fiancé. I didn’t mind- I was the third son of a baron and she had a good dowry. Since I’d reached the ripe age of twenty-two my mother always said: “Charles, you need to find a wife and settle down!”
I know it sounds like I was a womanizer, leaving a trail of scandals in my wake, but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. In fact, I worked on my family’s estate as the steward and kept a good portion of my salary set aside for future aspirations. Marriage and family were a large part of that. But, I was also painfully plain so I had no other options. That’s why my mother thought Edith was the perfect match for me. We both had plain brown hair, plain brown eyes and ordinary faces. The kind of person that gets lost in a crowd of other ordinary people. My life, had I not died, would have been a dull stretch of nothing.
Luckily, I found a wolf.
Now, I know it sounds like I’m jumping ahead, so let me set the scene for you. Edith Pickering came to visit me on my family’s estate that fall. The summer season in London had just ended and everyone was returning to their manors in the countryside to wait out the long winter. We lived just outside of Manchester, a sizable town, and owned a few hundred acres of wooded land and fields.
I woke up early that morning to go for a walk in the oak forest. The evening before my father and eldest brother, Richard, talked of wolf sightings in the area. They were up in arms about hunting the beasts and wearing the pelts, though neither of them ever caught something larger than a pheasant.
“Oh, how very dreadful. I do loath wolves,” Edith said, or something very similar to that. “Charles dear, I do hope there will no wolves when we live here.”
Maybe I smiled and nodded. I only remember the thought of seeing a wolf excited me- made me feel alive in a world that was lifeless.
As I wandered through the foggy early morning air, my frock coat buttoned high to keep off the chill, I heard the slightest rustle in the bush. A pheasant, I knew, but went to look nonetheless. Plain old Charles wasn’t lucky enough to spot a wolf. Of course not!
However, that’s just what I spotted. At first I thought the rusty red fur belonged to a fox, but then I noticed it was much too large for that. The wolf pranced in a clearing just on the other side of the bush, but it froze when I set my eyes on it. Then the wolf form seemed to blend into that of a woman. Skin replaced fur and a wild mess of red curls fell over slender pale shoulders. Naked, she stood in the clearing, doing nothing to cover her ample breasts or the any other part of her glorious nude form.
Being plain and boring and virtuous, I’d never seen a naked woman in the flesh before. Not even Edith, which was uncommon at the time. One of my brother’s wives gave birth a mere six months after the wedding night and not even my mother was surprised. But I was too naïve for that, and stepping out the bushes with my eyes averted from her lovely form, I handed over my frock coat.
“What are you doing spying on a lady in the woods like that?” the woman said and did not, much to my dismay, reach for the coat.
I stared at her slender legs and feet. “I meant no harm. I thought I saw a wolf.” I knew I saw a wolf, but it seemed impolite to imply she was a wolf. Not to mention impossible. How could a wolf turn into a person?
“Oh,” she said and leaned down so she could look at my face.
Golden freckles dusted her nose and cheeks, and her eyes were still almost golden in hue- just like the wolf’s eyes. Her pale oval face and stubborn pink lips were just about the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Heat rushed to my face as I stared at her.
“Where do you live?” I blurted out and looked over her head.
“About. Where do you live?”
“In that manor house. I hope you’re not hunting our lands. That’s a serious offense,” I said and felt like a complete fool.
“Where are your lands? Why does it belong to you?” she said and pulled my chin down so I had to look at her.
She was taller than most women, only a few inches shorter than me. “Hundreds of acres all around. It’s been in my family for generations!”
She snorted at that and kicked a great pile of leaves. I noticed then that even in the chill of the morning air her skin was perfectly smooth.
“Please, take my coat and cover up.”
Leaning forward, she sniffed at it and wrinkled her nose. “Are you looking for a mate too?”
“A mate. Are you giving me your coat because you want me as your mate?”
I’d had a decent amount of schooling and as far as I knew mate had one of two connotations. I didn’t think she meant it in the ‘friendly’ way. “No. I have a fiancé.”
“Oh,” she said and turned her back on me, her hair just barely brushing the top of her rounded backside.
“Where are you going?”
“About,” she called over her shoulder.
“What’s your name?”
“I’m Charles,” I called.
She turned around once and raised her hand into the air. “I’ll see you about, Charlie!” Then she ran off, disappearing between the trees faster than I could imagine. Even if I’d tried there is no way I could have caught her.
Of course I went home and wrote about the experience in my diary immediately. I even went so far as to sketch a picture of her as a wolf and as a human, her nude form vivid in my mind. My virtues slipped away at that point, and a hot ache rushed to my prick.
Unlacing my pants, I took the familiar length in my hand and rubbed my thumb over the tip and the milky substance that leaked from it. The image of Sibyl- her dark red hair, the fullness of her breasts and hips, fueled my desire. I pumped myself faster, biting my lip to keep from making a sound as the servants moved about the house lighting fires and preparing the morning meal. Somewhere in the home, Edith slept on dreaming virtuous dreams while I fiddled with my cock and thought of another woman- a woman I’d just met but whom I was sure I’d never forget."


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