Taking Control Short: Private Play excerpt

Here's an excerpt from my latest story in the Control Series: 

I’m sprawled on the bed naked when the air conditioner comes on again, sending a chill up my spine and over my pale skin. Even with it set at a standard seventy-nine degrees, the coolness still makes goose bumps rise over my flesh. I could put something on, but I hate wearing clothes if I don’t have to. The only thing I wear with any frequency is my sub collar, although even that comes off at night.

“Does Quinn make Trevor dress like a gimp? Ball gag and all?” I ask. 

Maxwell chuckles from behind me, and I hear him squeeze the lube into his hands. “Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. Trevor never says much around him.”

He opens my ass cheeks, the lube cooling my skin as he slides a long finger inside slowly. 

I gasp into the comforter as he finger fucks me. “I thought you were just going to lube me up.”

“Are you complaining?” he teases, his finger probing into the sweet spot and making me squirm.

“Never, Master.”

“But I guess I shouldn’t force you to get hard right before we have to leave,” he says and pulls out. 

I sigh. “How long until we have to go?”

Maxwell chuckles. “You’d be late to our play time with Quinn and Trevor for a quickie?”

“Yes. I’m willing to be late anywhere for a quickie.”

His hands run over the smooth skin of my ass, the heat making my desire greater with every touch. “You make a valid argument.”

“Maybe I should be the lawyer then,” I say and wiggle my ass, just slightly. 

He chuckles again and swats the pale skin with the flat of his hand. “You are being naughty.”

“Well, by all means, punish me.” My skin prickles with electricity as I wait for him to make a move. As a general rule, I hope he fucks me. I always hope he fucks me.

Firm hands grip onto my ankles and pull me off my knees so I land face flat on the bed. I grasp onto the covers, but he’s too fast and too strong. When he lets me go my feet hang off the bed and his weight looms over me, his long chestnut braid dangling in my face as his hard cock presses into my ass cheek. 

“Is this going to teach you a lesson, Hiro?” he asks as he presses my head into the mattress, his hand gripping the back of my neck so firmly I can’t move. 

“Probably not,” I say into a mouthful of our comforter. 

He lets out a throaty growl- something he does when we play- and I feel him lower his pants and position himself. Good thing I’m already lubed up.

He doesn’t waste anytime with civilities, the thick head of his cock thrusting into my ass with blunt force. I try to moan, but the material cradling my head muffles it. Another thrust, swift and to the point, makes me gasp for air. He doesn’t slam into me without abandon. No, he times each thrust perfectly for maximum pleasure. My Master, he fucks like a God!

I’m close to coming, my peak just moments away when he reaches under me and grips the base of my hardened dick, squeezing to all hell and holding off my orgasm. 

“How did you know?” I gasp as he plunges into me again. 

“Your ass twitches,” he moans and thrusts, his fingers trailing over the tip of my cock so it quivers in his hands and drives me fucking crazy. 

I’m panting and twitching, each forceful thrust makes my eyes water and my body ache for more. When I press my ass back into him, he kicks my feet out from under me and grips onto my hips with strong hands to hold me up. He has all the control- all the power- and I couldn’t be any happier. 


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