Vanilla vs. Kink

So, if anyone read the first story in my Dark Passions Series, The Vampire's Servant, they'll notice the sex is noticeably tamer than my other works. This came out of the characters in the story, William and Isabel, who, while being passionate for each other had rather vanilla taste in sex. This isn't to say they have bad sex- but it is to say it was a lot harder for me to write! 

Kink is easier, and I'm not sure if it's a personal preference or just because there is more stuff going on with kinky sex than there is with vanilla sex. I'm continually drawn to the kinkier side of things. It's more fun to play with character's reactions to what's going on and how they'll deal with it emotionally. Sex, even passionate sex, that comes out of love with nothing kinkier than a bite or two, isn't as interesting for me as a writer. 

Since I know this now, I'm going back to my BDSM roots for the next story in the Dark Passions universe. This one is from Charles' POV, William's younger vampire brother, and he has some interesting tastes. 

Any personal thoughts on vanilla vs. kink? Which do you find more enticing in a story?


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