Lone Wolf Book Three: Dominate the Pack Now Available!

The third and final book in the Lone Wolf series is now out! Just like the other two stories, this one has fighting and sexy werewolf men- but it also has a hot M/m/m ménage! Check out the new blurb and an excerpt: 

Jake Anderson, a lone wolf, never wanted to join a pack- until he met his mate Holden Walker. But two members of Holden’s pack aren’t too keen on Jake stepping us as a new alpha male. The only way for Jake to change the wolves’ minds is by showing his complete dominance of them in a steamy wolf pack ménage. Will they submit to Jake as their new alpha or will the lone wolf have to play dirty?

Contains: Graphic and rough M/m sex, oral sex, ménage sex and dom/sub elements.


Jake’s heart pounded in his chest, his mind urging his aching body to run away from Kellogg and never come back- but the thread that connected his heart to Holden’s kept him still. He swallowed the lump in his throat, the part of him that kept that story hidden for ten long years, and gripped onto his lover’s muscular shoulders.

Holden’s kissed his rough cheek, the Captain’s lips light as they met his mouth. Jake kissed his mate back with fervor- half fueled by lust and half by his lingering anger. It was a good thing the Captain kept the shades on his office closed that day.

Jake slammed the door shut and turned the lock as a breeze blew in the open window. It’d been hot before, but now it smoldered in the small office. Holden pulled him back into an embrace; his hands clutched the lone wolf’s back as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Moaning, Jake’s hands traveled down to Holden’s firm ass, squeezing the tight skin between his fingers as he pressed his bulging erection against the other man’s. Sweat dripped down their bodies, the friction from their clothes almost too much. Kissing the alpha’s neck, Jake took in his lover’s rich musty scent, his body singing as he nipped at the taut tan skin.

“We’re in the office,” Holden growled, actually restrained for once.

Jake smirked. “So? The door’s locked. No one but Danny’s even here right now. Are you saying you want to stop?”

You can buy it here:

Also, don't worry if you like reading about Jake the rest of the pack. I'm planning a whole new series called the Lone Wolf Pack that's going to deal with Alex, Danny and Timothy's search for mates!!! It should come out in June.


  1. hi, could you tell me is "Night of the Wolf's Desire" part of the Lone Wolf series?

    1. Hi Ter!

      No, "Night of the Wolf's Desire" is not part of the Lone Wolf series- it's just a one off short. I'm continuing the Lone Wolf series in June, but it's going to be called the Lone Wolf Pack and focus on the other pack members finding mates.

      Thanks for the comment!



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