Lone Wolf: Lust for Dominance now available!!!

The new story in the Lone Wolf series is now available. The cover is here. Check out the blurb and an excerpt below!

Jake accepts that Holden, his boss and an alpha wolf, claimed him as a mate. While he can’t deny the chemistry between them, he’s not ready to join Holden’s pack unless the two of them rule as equals. However, the only way for Jake and Holden to be equal in the pack's eyes is by the sheer force of dominance- and Holden isn’t interested in giving in. Can Jake overpower his mate and tempt him to submit?

Contains: Rough and graphic gay sex, mild violence, oral sex, power play, hand jobs and anal stimulation.


“Morning,” Jake said and started to climb out of the bed, but Captain Walker pulled him back in.

“Where do you think you’re going, detective?”

“To pee and make breakfast. I have a whole lot of bacon and sausage to grill.”

“You’re going to have to wait on both of those,” the alpha growled, rolling over the slightly shorter man and nipping at his pale neck.

Jake moaned as the naked heat of Holden’s body aroused his cock from its sleep. He dug his nails into the man’s back, his scratches deep and just short of breaking the skin. The captain flinched, his erection growing at the rough touch.

Sharp teeth nibbled and pulled Jake’s flesh. He knew each bite would leave a mark, but the red-hot desire trailing over his skin and rushing to his groin kept him from caring. He moved his face and caught Holden’s lips with his own, the alpha giving into the deep warmth of the kiss without abandon. He’d never kissed anyone like that before- never felt the world totally disappear as he lost himself in another man.

Reaching down, Holden gathered both their sizable cocks in his large hand. The pre-come dripping from the heads wet them, but Jake grabbed some lube from his nightstand anyway. As he spread the thin slippery substance on his hand, he groaned into the friction his lover created between them- the velvety stroke over their enflamed members combined into one. Holden kissed Jake again as the lone wolf added his slippery touch to the mix, the thickness of both their dicks, veins bulging, sliding under his hands.

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