New Series: Lone Wolf Pack Cover Sneak Peek!

The new Lone Wolf series Lone Wolf Pack is coming out tomorrow 6/14/12! To celebrate I'm posting the cover and the (maybe) blurb. Check it out!

Timothy, the omega of his pack, assumes he’s never going to find a mate- who wants a pathetic weakling anyway? Then a pair of Eurasian wolves moves into town, and he can’t wipe the good-looking men from his mind. While the new wolves should be the enemy, Timothy can’t bring himself to tell his pack about them- even when one of them kisses him at work. Will the little omega dodge the sexy wolf’s advances or end up in his embrace?

Also, I have another new m/m werewolf series called Savage Wolf Pack coming out on Friday 6/15/12. It takes place in the same universe as Lone Wolf although it's a new set of characters. There may be some crossover with the original Lone Wolf characters at some point though!


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