Lone Wolf Pack: Wolf in Lust

The second story in Danny's saga is out: Wolf in Lust. 

In a fit of lust, Danny, a werewolf, claimed a contentious werecat as his mate. Stuck together at a snowed in lodge, the wolf and cat face a dangerous hunter and their own pent up desire. But is their mutual attraction based on more than just passing passion?


As he washed his hair and body a strange knot formed in his belly. What was the wolf doing right now? Still cleaning those dishes or taking a shower of his own? Thinking of Danny's slick naked body sent a rush of heat to Nalin's groin. The urgency of the deputy's kisses, the searing heat of his fingers and the intensity of the man’s brown eyes burned the snow leopard's being with longing. Why did the wolf make him feel like this? Make him want something he never dreamed he'd want- not just hot sex but more. Something Nalin couldn't begin to explain.

Blood rushed between his legs, his cock stiffening at the thought of the little deputy. Slowly, he wrapped his long fingers around his turgid length and moaned into the sultry bathroom air. Closing his eyes, Nalin imagined Danny's hand wrapped around his shaft. The wolf's round eyes burning his flesh with their lusty intensity. His hot lips pressed into Nalin's own as they melted together into one.

Suddenly, the floor creaked, and Danny opened the door. Both men stared at each other for a moment, little beads of sweat dripping down Nalin's forehead and cheek. The werecat kept his fingers gripped tightly on his dick. No reason to move it unless the wolf wanted to take over.

"I brought you a towel," Danny said, his cheeks flushing as he sat the fluffy blue material on the counter. His hair was damp and his body shone with little droplets of water. He must have showered.

"Is that all you wanted to bring me?" the snow leopard asked and smirked. He should start counting how often the deputy blushed at his advances. Danny’s shyness was remarkably cute.

The wolf's lips set in a firm line. He still hadn't bothered to get dressed, his slender waist accentuated by the broadness of his muscular shoulders and arms. Only a thin layer of hair coated his chest, although the bed of curls surrounding his cock was thicker. Nalin's eyes trailed over Danny’s tantalizing form and he licked his full lips. If only the deputy came closer he could taste that meaty length for himself.

"Are you done?" Danny asked.

Nalin smirked at the double meaning and pulled the plug on the tub. "Almost."

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  1. Hi I would like to know how many book's is in Danny Saga. PS I love your Omega story.

  2. Hello!

    There will be three stories in Danny's Saga. The last one is coming out tomorrow, and I'll release a set of all three stories next week.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Omega Affair! There will be more Timothy and his mates in Alex's Trilogy!




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