Savage Wolf Pack: Wolf Bite

Sam’s wolf bait, a human that attracts the unwanted attention of werewolves. But a pack of five hot as hell Russian werewolf brothers protect Sam from the dangerous white wolf who seeks him. 

After a hot session of morning sex, Sam finds out his best friend and (now) lover, Dmitri, claimed him as a mate- although Sam’s not a werewolf! After a huge fight, Sam leaves to clear his head, but runs right into the white wolf’s clutches. Will Sam survive his encounter with the seductive man who attacked him seven years ago?

This 6,100 word story contains graphic gay sex including: anal sex, a hot hand job and werewolf violence.


Dmitri gives me his best wolfish grin as he turns on the water and the room fills with steamy heat. Together we step in and fumble with soap and shampoo. It's not one of those showers meant for two people- just an old claw footed tub with a shower curtain around it. Not the kind of romantic getaways fancy hotels have. But, as I scrub Dmitri's back and chest, the rich clean suds smoothing over his sexy body, I really don't care.

"We used to take showers like this back then," he says.

I chuckle and shake my head. "Not exactly like this. We didn't wash each other."

He turns around and puts his hands on my chest, his fingers slender just like his brothers. "I wanted to wash you, Sammy."

My heart does that weird backflip thing again, and I trail my fingers down the smooth skin of his stomach, past his belly button and wrap my hand around his half hard cock. I honestly don't know how I would've reacted if he tried to scrub me when we were teenagers. Okay, I probably would've gotten the world's fastest erection and then let him do whatever he wanted to. Not much different from now, I guess.

Dmitri grips the back of my neck and pulls me into a kiss. His lips light my mouth on fire, and I ease it open so our tongues mingle together. We press our chests flat against each other- our hearts beating in time. The rough edge of his cheek tickles the unshaven side of mine and the desperate ache in my groin seeps over my entire body until it's almost unbearable.

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