Beta Trilogy 3: Beta's Passion now live!

The third and final installment of Alex's trilogy is out!!!! I'll be releasing the final set with all three of Alex's stories next week.

When the omega catches Alex and West in a precarious situation, they come clean to the pack about their relationship. But Alex still struggles with his new mate’s domineering ways. Can he overpower the other beta wolf or will he learn to find strength in submission?

This 8,600 word story contains graphic gay werewolf sex including: a steamy shower sex scene, mild violence, rimming and anal sex.


Alex watched him from the corner of his eye as he stripped off his own T-shirt and sweats. West’s cock stood at half-mast, nestled in a bed of red curls the same coppery brilliance as his hair. The firm muscles on his lower stomach shifted as he bent forward, his thighs powerful and his round ass tight.

Alex had buried his dick in that ass, although West was in charge the entire time. The heat of his mate’s body throbbed around him and the look on the West’s face ignited the beta’s own arousal further. How did the bastard manage to be so dominant in every situation?

Alex licked his lips involuntarily as his mate climbed under the hot stream of water. He could cover that man's entire body with kisses, licks and bites, but giving into the desire was as much as admitting defeat.

"You going to stare all day?" West asked and quirked an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips.

A blush rose to Alex's cheeks, and he scowled as he stepped into the shower behind the other wolf. He could lay claim to the man here. Shove West against the wall and fuck him silly. But the other beta would probably turn the tables on Alex somehow. He always did.

After he was suitably wet, West stepped out of the way and nudged Alex under the spray. The touch of his rough fingers sparked electric need across the beta's flesh. Strong hands wound through his hair, lathering it with shampoo as West's body pressed into Alex's own. The slightest brush of the other man's cock on the beta's ass awoke his aching member from slumber.

It would be so easy to lean into those powerful arms – to get lost in his mate's mouth and hands. To drop his guard and just give in. Dammit! Was he really so weak?

"Do you remember how we met?" West asked, his lips brushing Alex's sensitive earlobe.

The beta squeezed his eyes shut as his mate pulled and suckled on his tender flesh. Memories off his childhood flitted through his mind. Timothy – some other relations – fuzzy things he couldn't quite recall, but hard as he tried West wasn't there.

"No," groaned as the lips traveled down his neck and over his shoulder. Shit! He shouldn't submit that easily.

The man’s body slid over Alex’s rigid back, his hands reaching for the soap and washcloth. The blunt stiffness of his cock pressed against the beta’s exposed ass, and Alex bit back a groan of delight.

Then West stepped back and ran the soapy cloth over Alex’s body, scrubbing the slick skin on the beta’s back, arms and chest – each fleeting touch gently cruel in its brevity. Lusty hunger pooled in Alex’s belly and he fought the urge to lean into the man behind him.

Why did something so simple feel so erotic? The rough edge of the cloth and his mate’s slippery fingers teased his flesh with barely realized contact, exciting every one of his over sensitive nerves. When West finally stepped back the absence of his touch felt like a slap in the face.

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