Beta Trilogy Part 2: Beta Bound Now Live!

The second story in the Beta Trilogy is now available. Check it out:

After a new pack member claimed Alex, the beta werewolf didn’t take it well. Now he has to hide the secret shame from his pack while working alongside his infuriating new mate, West. Alex tries to teach West a lesson in dominance, but West has a lesson of his own for the beta wolf – being on top doesn’t always mean being in charge. Will Alex learn the hard way?

This 7,800 word story contains rough and graphic gay werewolf sex including oral sex, mild violence, a hot make-out session and anal sex with a horny power bottom!


The corner of West’s lips turned up into a smirk and he ran his palm over Alex’s arm, the calloused touch exciting the beta more than it should. The heat of West’s hand seeped into the beta’s flesh, nudging his cock into a fit of arousal. Dammit! “Give me one kiss and then I’ll get ready, love.”

Alex smacked West’s hand away. “Don’t order me around.”

“But it’s so cute when you put up a fight,” West growled and pressed his chest into Alex’s own.

The new beta was only an inch or two taller than Alex, which was something that normally wouldn’t be a big deal. But when their bodies were pressed together the height difference seemed pronounced.

Alex’s breath caught in his throat at their proximity, West’s alluring musk teasing his nose. If he stepped back he’d make himself the victim like he had last night. The only way to move forward with their inevitable relationship was not to run away but to take control. West might respect Holden and Jake, but he didn’t respect the beta. Alex needed to change that.

Squaring his chin, he looked straight into West’s dark eyes. The flecks of gold in the man’s irises sparkled in the morning sunshine.

West licked his lips, first the bottom and then the top, before he leaned forward.

Alex grumbled low in his throat and gripped onto the other man’s shoulders. With one solid push he shoved West into his bedroom wall -- hard enough to stun but not hard enough to damage anything.

The other beta grinned, the sharp points of his fangs glinting. “You just don’t give up--”

Alex cut him off with a kiss. He smashed his lips against West’s, and the sudden contact took his breath away. An inferno of need burned his groin, flames of lust dancing across his flesh as their lips melted together.

West gripped Alex’s waist, his fingers digging into the beta’s bruises from the night before. Then his hand traveled up, tracing each rip, each bulge of muscle until he reached Alex’s hardened nipples. His fingers danced across the hungry flesh, pinching at the nubs until Alex sucked in air through his teeth.

Groaning, the beta launched his own assault on West’s body. Leaning in closer, he caught the man’s full bottom lip between his teeth and nibbled, rolling the rosy flesh over his tongue. Then he slammed the half erect bulge of his cock into West’s own hardening member. The friction of sweatpants and hard bodies enlivened his shaft further.

Fuck! This was just supposed to be a kiss!

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