Beta's Desire Live!

As promised, the first story in the Beta Trilogy: Beta's Desire is now live. 

Check it out:

Lone Wolf Pack 3

Part 1 of the Beta Trilogy!

Alex, a beta werewolf, belongs to a small pack in Kellogg, Idaho, and he’s not keen on sharing his place as second in command. Then the pack alphas inform him a new wolf, West, is joining- a wolf Alex knew as a pup. Unfortunately, West is a cocky and brash beta that won’t agree to Alex’s terms of dominance. Can Alex force West to give in to his desires or will West turn the tables on him?

This 7,000 word story contains rough gay werewolf sex including a mild violence, domination and submission, a hand job and rough gay anal sex.


Smiling, West grabbed Alex’s wrists and forced them above his head. The naked heat of their bodies pressed against each other- their clothes little more than useless rags on the floor. Staring into the other wolf’s eyes, the beta couldn’t deny the aching stiffness between his legs or West’s own iron clad cock digging into his thigh.

“I smelled you right off. That delicious scent of yours is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I bet you taste just as sweet,” West said and licked Alex’s full lips.

Glaring, the beta wolf fought not to respond, but West’s tongue seared across his skin and begged him to open his mouth and let it in. No! He’d gotten hard when Jake dominated him- and that didn’t mean anything. This didn’t either!

He squirmed under the redheaded man, but that just made their sweat slick bodies glide against each other- his awakened member rubbing on West’s corded thigh. Fuck! Alex yanked his hands, trying to free himself from the other wolf’s grasp.

“It’s cute how you think you’re going to get away.”

“Fuck you!” Alex spat and nipped at the man’s pinkish lips.

West growled in response, and soon Alex’s bite turned into a deep and long kiss. Their tongues burned as they met, their lips melting against each other as electric intensity traveled from Alex’s head all the way to his toes. Fuck! Why did kissing this bastard feel so good?

“That’s the idea,” West whispered against Alex’s pouting lips as he pulled back.

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