High Stakes Desire: Her Billionaire Master Part 1

My new erotic romance novella is out now. It's not m/m, but still a fun and sexy read, I think!


After a car accident leaves Elizabeth White, a mild mannered accountant, with amnesia she fights to remember the past while fumbling with the present.

Then her boss, the gorgeous billionaire Cal Mustang, asks Elizabeth to take over the accounts of his three lavish Las Vegas casinos. She’s hesitant- but no one denies Cal Mustang his desires.

Not only does the enigmatic billionaire have his eye on the young accountant, his seductive domination stirs Elizabeth’s body and memory in a way no one else can.

Will the memories of her past come back if she agrees to be his, or will Elizabeth lose herself in Cal’s powerful embrace?

16,600 word novella

High Stakes Desire

“Ms. White?” a smooth voice asked from right behind her, a voice she instantly recognized. Cal Mustang. Of course! He was as quiet as a cat!

Elizabeth stiffened in her seat and groaned. The stupid bondage book sat open on the table, her dirty little secret shining in the light.

“Yes, sir?” she asked without turning around. Trying to hide the book now would just make her seem like a guilty child caught with a hand in the cookie jar.

“Interesting read?” he asked and gripped her shoulder while turning the page with his other hand.

Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth smelled the faint fragrance of spice mixed with his own rich scent.

A woman with her mouth gagged and her hands tied behind her back stared at them from the book, her face twisted with delight. The rope wound around her bare breasts and arms, the intricate knots digging into her smooth flesh so she couldn’t move at all. Elizabeth felt just as helpless at that moment.

“I guess, sir.”

“It must be if you brought it to work with you,” he said and looked at her as if he were seeing her for the first time.

Her breath caught in her throat as she stared into his dark, fathomless eyes and the way his straight black hair fell against his temples. What was she supposed to say? He probably thought she was a freak. But even as her heart banged against the walls of her chest, warmth flooded her panties.

Why was she excited about being caught? Maybe it was just a relief that someone else knew about it, even if it was the last person she wanted to tell. Or maybe it was because her dream man was finally paying attention to her- although it was the wrong kind of attention.

“I’m s-sorry sir. I was just eating lunch and-”

“I needed to speak to you if you’re finished,” he said, effectively cutting her off.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Elizabeth nodded. “Of course. When?” Was he going to fire her for looking at a dirty book at work? Cal Mustang was known for being hands on. Hell, he even played at the poker tables on the floor from time to time! 

“Right now,” he said, the heat of his breath caressing her ear.

“Yes!” she said and stood up, slamming the book shut before shoving it into her oversized purse. This was the last time she brought something so provocative to work with her- if she even had a job after this!

When she turned around Mr. Mustang loomed over her. His shoulder’s broad and his black hair carelessly brushing his forehead. He had to be a decent six feet two or three, and powerfully built to boot- although not as bulky as the head of security. Elizabeth wasn’t short, but he made her feel like she was.

“Shall we?” he asked, the corner of his mouth quirked like he was on the verge of smiling.

She nodded quickly, and then stopped when she realized she probably looked like a bobble headed doll.

They walked down the long hallway in silence, the patterned carpet squishing under their shoes. Mr. Mustang’s had been polished to such a shine they reflected the dim, fluorescent light. Elizabeth glanced at her own modest heels. Should she polish them too?

She watched his back, the way his black suit fit his frame perfectly. Probably tailor-made and designer- Cathy would know the brand. The pants hugged his perfectly round ass, and Elizabeth looked away. He was a good decade or so older than was, but a girl could dream.

 “Why didn’t your secretary fetch me?” she asked as they stepped into the elevator at the end of the hall.

“She retired yesterday. I’m replacing nearly everyone on my personal staff at the moment. You probably heard the news,” he said and leaned against the wall with his hands in his pockets. He looked too relaxed- like he was playing a part. How could he be calm at a moment like this?


“Good, then I don’t have to explain it. Do you think you can handle the accounts?” he asked, his handsome face impassive as he watched the numbers on the elevator rise one by one.

Elizabeth gaped at him, her eyes wide. Was he really asking her? Cathy wouldn’t let her live this down! “What? Me? All the accounts from Wild Horses, Cabaret Club and Shanghai?”

Mr. Mustang glanced at her sideways. “Yes. Why not you?”

Elizabeth fiddled with the handle of her purse. “But Simon’s been here for ages, and I only just started six months ago. Plus, I only handle payroll here.”

A little furrow formed between Mr. Mustang’s trimmed brows. “I fired Simon. I need someone new and loyal. I hope that’s you, Elizabeth,” he said in a tone that made the hair stand up on her neck. If she said ‘no’ it would seem like she wasn’t loyal to him.

“Of course.”

“So you accept the position?” he asked.

Did she even have a choice? Denying your boss could cost you your job, Ellie! “Yes. I’d be honored.”

“Good. You’ll start right away. Go get your things and bring them up to my office,” he said and stepped out right as the elevator doors glided open. “Don’t disappoint me.”

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