Lone Wolf Pack: Mate for the Wolf

The final story in Danny's saga is out! Here it is:

When Danny, a werewolf, took a bullet for his new mate- a sexy werecat- the two men realize they were brought together by fate. Now Danny has to tell his pack about the werecat and convince the solitary snow leopard to stay in town. But the cat has plans of his own- will Danny let his gorgeous lover claim him in a steamy love-making session?

This 7,500 word story contains graphic gay sex between a werecat and werewolf including a steamy shower scene, oral sex and anal sex.


The werecat followed him up the stairs and into the bathroom. Turning around, Danny smiled at the taller man. Finally. They got to be alone!

The snow leopard took a slow step forward, his lithe body poised as always. “Need any help?” Nalin asked and plucked open the buttons on the deputy’s shirt.

Danny normally wore t-shirts when he was off duty, but a button up shirt was easier to put on when his arm in a sling. “Please.”

A slow smile slipped over Nalin’s lips as he gently moved the material off the wolf’s shoulders. His long fingers brushed Danny’s bare skin, the contact enticing every nerve in the deputy’s eager body. How had it only been a week since they first met? It felt like they’d known each other a lifetime.

“Are you going to join me?” Danny breathed as the werecat’s hands drifted over the wolf’s chest and toward his pants. God! He couldn’t get naked fast enough!

Strong hands gripped Danny’s hips, pulling down both his pants and his boxers at an achingly slow pace. The werecat was doing it on purpose! “I was planning on it.”

“Are we going to shower anytime this century?” the deputy asked as he stepped out of the pooled material.

Without a word, Nalin smiled up at him as he pulled off the wolf’s socks. “Perhaps. You sure are impatient.”

Danny fought not to pout- it made him look like a five-year-old. “I have been stuck in the hospital for a whole week.”

The snow leopard stood and pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing perfectly toned muscles and golden skin. The wolf bit his bottom lip; his heart pounding in his chest as Nalin slipped the sweat pants off his slender hips and kicked them to the floor. The werecat’s cock hung neatly between his legs surrounded by dark curls. Damn. He was fucking gorgeous!

Then, Nalin leaned forward, the heat of his body radiating into Danny’s although they hardly touched, and turned on the shower. Steam and spray filled the room and his lover gently guided him inside.

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  1. Thank you, and when you get out Alex story, he have to eat dust. please... jijiji

  2. Thanks so much for reading! Alex will get what's coming to him- a mate that shows him who's boss!


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