Savage Wolf Pack: Wolf Pack Complete

I released all six Savage Wolf stories as one set last week. Here it is:

Sam’s wolf bait, a human that attracts the unwanted attention of werewolves. While a pack of five hot as hell Russian brothers offer to protect Sam from a dangerous white wolf who seeks him- they do so at the price of Sam’s sexual freedom. Will Sam give into seduction to save his life?

This 39,000 word special set includes all six stories in the Savage Wolf Pack series:

1.  Wolf Bait
2.  Wolf Charm
3.  Wolf Lust
4.  Wolf Bite
5.  Wolf Tempt
6.  Wolf Mate

Contains graphic gay werewolf sex including: oral sex, hand jobs, anal sex, rimming, nipple play and a super steamy werewolf orgy.

Wolf Bait excerpt:

Without warning he grabs my wrist and yanks me into the house. The plate tumbles from my hands and breaks into pieces on the wooden floor, the loud crash of glass piercing the perfect summer day. Then Yuri slams the door closed and shoves me into the wall- knocking the breath from my lungs.

“What the-” I start, but he cuts me off.

“Dmitri tried to kiss you that night, didn’t he? That little bastard wanted you all to himself,” he growls- his blue eyes reflecting the light from the windows back into my face.

My mind spins- my body a confusion of nerves- at once excited and scared of what’s to come. “Yeah, but what does that have to with me?”

Yuri smirks and turns the lock on the door. His fingers tighten on my wrist, the slender flesh burning into mine with the intensity of a flame. “You’re heart’s pounding. Ba-dum. Ba-dum. You like this, don’t you? Or your body does.”

His eyes look like those of a starving predator that’s finally trapped its prey. I always knew Yuri had a temper, I just never knew he was fucking crazy! My body might like this, but I need to get the hell away from him!

I pull my wrist out of his grip and slam into his chest with my shoulder. “Dmitri? Pasha?” I call as I charge for the backdoor. They’re not gonna let Yuri hurt me; I know that for damn sure!

Just as I turn the corner he crashes into me, and we tumble onto the couch. The hot heavy breath on my neck sends jolts of electric desire into my veins, feeding the growing need in my cock. Shit! Why am I turned on at a time like this?

“No one else is home, Sammy,” Yuri snarls in my ear, his lips nipping at my earlobe as he rips at my clothes. Hot breath tickles my cheek, the pounding of his heart flush against the skin on my back.

I pull myself forward, trying to wiggle out from under him, but Yuri’s fingers dig into my waist like claws. When the fuck did he get so strong?

“You’re not going anywhere,” he barks, the blunt head of his cock pressing into my ass.

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