New Release: Hurt Me

My brand new novella is out finally. I know it's like a month late, but the revision took much longer than I thought -- I had to write a number of new chapters. 

In high school, Thomas Banks fell in love with Elliot Tucker, his best friend. But after one night of passion Elliot skipped town, leaving Thomas alone and heartbroken.

Six years later. . .

Thomas signs up for a sexual practices study at his university to help pay the bills, only to find the grad student leading the study is none other than his long lost love, Elliot. The study involves whips, bondage and levels of pain and pleasure Thomas never imagined he’d enjoy – but every lesson leaves him longing for more.

As old feelings surface, Thomas struggles to break down the walls Elliot built around himself. However, Elliot’s thesis is on the line, and the closer he gets to Thomas the less he’s able to control his dominant urges.

But Thomas isn’t backing down –- not until the two men take a second chance at first love.

Warning: Contains graphic gay BDSM and gay sexual situations.

Get it here:


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