What I'm working on for the holidays

Oh, I'm a very bad blogger recently. I plan to write more posts not just about my work, but also about writing in general. For now I'd like to let you guys know what I'm currently working on.

A book!

Yep. A full length novel with wolves, other shifters and even some magic users. Oh, and the two heroes are detectives who are newly assigned partners. Conner is a rogue wolf with a dark past, and Seth is a seer whose power to see the future is on the fritz. Will they be able to solve a series of mysterious murders while keeping their overwhelming desires in check?

It's the first in a trilogy, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I don't want to give an exact release date since I'm not good at keeping them (things come up like you wouldn't believe!) But I expect it to be out by late December or early January.

I've decided to move on to longer works because I enjoy writing them and they tend to sell better. Plus, I prefer pricing my stuff in the $2.99 and up range for royalty purposes and it's a fairer price for longer pieces than it is short ones, I think.

I'm also re-releasing some other stuff as books/story compilations for the holidays. I'm going to combine all the Lone Wolf and Lone Wolf Pack stories into a complete set for release in a week or so. I've already re-released the Savage Wolf Pack as a novel length work (I just combined the stories with chapter breaks) under the new title Alpha Bait on Amazon.

Oh, and after the new year I'm going to work on turning the Control Series into a proper book and not just a series of stories.

What are your holiday plans?


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