Cover Sneak Peeks: Shadow Scars and Sin for Me

So I'm still playing with the cover for the first Rogue Wolf book, but I'm pretty sure this is the final one. I really like how it all came together, with the symbol and lightning (which are actually kinda important to the plot!)

I'll share an excerpt from the book later this week. The release is slated for this coming Tuesday (Jan 15th) on Amazon and B&N. I hope to get it up on All Romance and Kobo by Jan 17th by the latest.

Here's the cover for the revised version of Brothers in Sin. I renamed it Sin for Me since the original title made it sound more like incest and less like monk lovers. Yeah, it took me almost a year to realize that.

That's a stained glass window in the background -- I still have to run it past my artist friend to see what she thinks. I'm not sure how much I like the overlapping. I might have to improve it. My favorite part (besides the yummy naked dude) is the font. I love fonts.

I hope to have this novella done by Jan 21st at the very lastest! I'm going to add some extra stuff to make it a little longer as well and round out the story better. 


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