Alpha's Shadow Cover Preview

I'm in the final 20k home stretch of the book right now. I've come to the conclusion I'm a little crazy -- or my beta reader who talked me down out of a "everything I'm writing is absolute crap" mood pointed it out to me.

You see, Seth needs to tell Conner all his visions, but he hordes them like a, well, horder. It sort of drives me insane. Conner was mad. I was mad. Seth was a jerk about the whole thing.

Every time I set up a scene for him to tell the truth, he wouldn't do it! Ugh. The nerve of some characters! But I had a strange breakthrough yesterday -- and Seth had a mental breakdown (for various reasons. This new case is pretty stressful). So he's finally fessing up!

I also made the cover for Alpha's Shadow. Check it out! The tentative release date is March 18th!!!


  1. *_____* omg Yay!!!
    \*o*/ It's so pretty!! and i'm so damn excited!! I can hardly wait to read it!! lol...


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