Something Wild This Way Comes. . . .

Thank you to everyone who bought (or is going to buy) Alpha's Shadow. I hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The book hit the bestseller list on All Romance and on Amazon, which is so totally awesome. You guys are the best!

I have a lot more planned in the Haven City world but, at the moment, I'm working on a sorta kinda sequel to Alpha Bait (Russian Wolf Pack), formally known as the Savage Wolf Pack. Remember Caleb, the white wolf? Well, he gets a mate! And we also get some lovely background information about him and the wolf who changed him.

It all starts when Caleb rescues a lone omega from a trap. The wolf whelp, named Wild, is only eighteen, although he's been on his own for the last five years. Caleb takes him in, but while they might be destined as mates, the white wolf isn't sure he wants to give in to his instincts. Meanwhile, a wolf hunter is looking for Wild, and he's not going to stop until the omega is dead.

So there's an age gap and danger and sexiness thrown in to boot!

I'll include a sneak peek of part of Wild for my mailing list (which comes out this weekend!). Join if you want to read it before everyone else!

Here's the cover:


  1. Ooohh~ nice, nice! How exciting!! :D
    I look forward to it.
    Still have to read Alpha's Shadow but I own it~ <3

    1. I hope you like both of them! I was reading your blog (which I can't figure out how to follow b/c I'm a dork). It reminded me that I need to read more yaoi manga. I go in spells where I read a ton, then I hardly read any. But more yaoi is *always* a good thing!

    2. LOL... and gah! so sorry for the late reply! ;A;//
      heh, Same here! Right now I'm just devouring all the ones I can get my hands on. lol... Actually, after my external died on me and I lost all my Yaoi(sob!) I didn't read anything, scanlation or otherwise, for a year! O.o! lol..
      But that's when I got into Gay novels so... In the end I just expanded my horizons! LOL because up until that happened I had NO idea there were "American" Gay Novels(no joke) I had only ever read Yaoi and Japanese translated-to-english novels. LOL.. oh man was it a surprise! LOL (But I do still follow Japanese novels through FanTranslations and Their Drama CDs. OMGOMGOMG! I LOVE some Drama CDs that I can't even...I-- ~swoon~
      Sometimes, I really wish we would do that here in the states.. ahh... Audio CDs are different from their Drama CDs if you haven't listened yet. Ah! Here is an exampe!
      *__* I got this CD & the Novel Translation! HAA! It's beautiful! lol... Two different actors, actually almost playing the role. ahh!! It drives me crazy. In a good way! LOL...
      ah, Anyways--(sorry for blathering on)

      In case you still wanted to know, to manually add/follow someone you go to
      and then scroll down and under where your blogs are on the left is says :
      Reading list | All blogs
      click on the "Add" button
      And then put the URL of my blog:
      to where it says "Add from URL"
      click "follow" and your done! :D ehhe~


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