Wild Release Date (and a sneak peek at a scene from the book!)

Wild (the sorta kinda sequel to Alpha Bait) is finished! I'm deep in editing mode right now as I wait for the beta readers and my editor to get back to me. The book will come out at the very end of the month, April 30th, unless my computer explodes or some other unforeseen event takes place.

I thought I'd post little snippets here and there and my thoughts on them. When I write, I'm not much of a planner. I have a vague idea of what needs to happen to push the story forward, but I let my characters control things most of the time (makes my life so much more interesting ^_^). Hence the following scene between Wild and Caleb.


Wild reached for the man, his fingers sparking as the met the white wolf’s rock hard chest, his fingers exploring the bulges of muscle, his eyes delighting in the tightened fabric around the man's cock. This proved Caleb wanted him.

“Do you want to take my clothes off, Whelp?” he growled.

“Yes,” Wild breathed, pulling at the buttons until they popped open.

Pale curls covered the man’s powerful chest, the scent of his musk almost overwhelming. The little wolf palmed the muscles, his hand catching fire every time he caressed the man, and Caleb grumbled again.

Without warning, the man pushed his hands above his head. “Don’t make this worse,” he groaned. “You don’t have a say anymore, remember?”

Wild’s mind reeled. A say in what? Being claimed? Why did that matter?

Then a blunt finger stroked the length of his shaft and every thought fluttered out of his mind. A surge of desire shot through his veins, and he bucked his hips into the touch. He needed more of that! More pressure. More friction.

“Ah,” he moaned, and bit his lip until the cut popped open.

The white wolf must’ve smelled the blood, its coppery scent sharp. He furrowed his wide brow, and ran his finger over the weeping head. “This is the good part. Do you know what comes next?”

Why was the man asking him that now? He nodded, dimly aware of the question.

“I could flip you on your stomach and claim you right here. I don’t even have to use lube. Is that what you want?” he said in a voice so soft it almost faded into the night.


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