Crash into Some Sexy New Wolves: Crash Cover Reveal!

Hey everyone!

I'm about half way through my next Wolf Pack book, called Crash. It's turning out differently than I imagined, but that's part of the excitement of being a writer who doesn't outline! It's a bit darker in tone than Wild -- the things I do to my poor characters -- but the heroes (Ben and Axel) will get a happy ever after ending. I promise!!!

I realized yesterday that this book is doing its best to get away from me. I just wanted to write a story about a couple of ex-best friends traveling across country and dealing with their feelings for each other. Of course, that means I end up with a story about societal responsibility in many different forms. Damn you, important themes. Stop creeping up on me like this!

A brief run down of the story is on my Works in Progress page.

Here's the cover:

I just realized this model must shave his arms to show off those tats. I now feel like my arms are unreasonably hairy for a lady. . . .


  1. *____* ooooh~~ What?
    YES! Look forward to getting this one! D'awww... dark themes... but that's good!
    It makes happy endings that much sweeter. :D heh..
    *is excited*

    Pfffft!!! I know right??! haha!!(on the arm hair comment)

    1. I love dark themes too, but they're draining to write. I hope you like it ^_^


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