Wild is a Bestseller *happy dance*

I'm going to say my sale promotion worked, at least for the first week. Wild debuted on the Amazon gay romance bestseller list and has stayed there (moving up and down). It also debuted on the All Romance bestseller list -- and it's been in the #2 spot for the last three days! I've only had one other book ever grace the top ten of the All Romance bestseller list and that was almost a year ago this month! Crazy!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me. Without fans this wouldn't happen. You guys are so awesome! I'm so grateful that I get to write books for a living. I love it!

Some screenshots because I'm weird like that. Pics or it didn't happen!


This is Wild on Amazon. I've never had a book ranked that low. Super crazy!

Alpha Bait is sitting at #16. It didn't even hit the All Romance bestseller list when I initially released it. 

I have the print copies of Wild, and I'm going to run another Goodreads giveaway, probably starting next week sometime. I'll post about it.

Now I have to go meet my daily word count (yeah, I work on the weekend. I've got stories to tell). It's another wolf book -- this time it's about a couple of former besties who have to take a cross country road trip to escape their old pack. One of them is a kinda sarcastic and prim omega while the other one is a total badass with tats and piercings, who may be an alpha. I *may* have a thing for bad boys. . . .


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