*Hot* New Book: Burn Cover Reveal!

It's October already! Congrats to the winners of the Thief Goodreads giveaway. 1,100 people entered which is awesome!

I've been writing my fingers to the figurative bone (and maybe the literal bone too, eww!) on this new book. It's a direct sequel to Crash and picks up about a year after Axel and Ben settle in Santa Cruz, CA. They meet two local wolves, Gage and Quinton, who need help defending their territory from a dangerous alpha. 

Also, Gage and Quinton are mates, but they don't really get along outside the bedroom. They're both betas with attitudes who need to settle some personal issues in order to fall in love. 

And, like Crash, there's some tragic, dark stuff going on, but they get a happy ending (of course!). I guess my beta readers are correct -- I don't 'do' happy, upbeat stories. 

The release date for Burn (Westside Wolf Pack #2) is November 5, 2013.

Enjoy the cover: 


  1. Ooh~ Nice, nice!
    Sounds promising too.
    Geh! >o< I still have to get Crash but hopefully I can get them together when this comes out so I can read it straight through. lol....

    1. ^_^

      Crash was my most popular book, so far. I thought I was taking a really big chance creatively with it. But people seem to enjoy it, which means I get to write sequels!


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