Break (Westside Wolf Pack 3) Cover Reveal

I've been busy working on the next Westside Wolf Pack book. This one is about Luca and his mate, Colton. They met in high school, but forces beyond their control kept them apart. Luca has to struggle with the memories of his time in Dominic Blake's pack, and Colton's struggles with his own sorted past as they put themselves back together. Also, Ben and Axel are around being cute.

The book should be out on December 31!

Here's a look at the cover. I love how lost he looks, because it sums up Luca perfectly. 


  1. OMG!! Yesss!!!! LOL...oohhh~~ So excited to get this!
    Nice cover too. ;)
    Am I gonna cry? :'( Think I'm gonna cry.... lol...but yay!

  2. Haha! Thanks ^_^
    You *might* cry.


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