Break (Westside Wolf Pack 3) Released!

It's out! *sigh of relief*

Check it out, new cover and all:

Being an omega sucks. Luca Collins should know. His pack mistreats him, his dad doesn’t care about him, and bullies make his life hell. 

Enter Colton Smith, the kind hearted human who befriends Luca. They share a first kiss, a first love, and plan to run away from their little Montana town and start a new life together. But fate has different plans. 

While Luca is sure Colton’s his mate, that belief is shaken when a group of wolf hunters attack Luca's pack -- a group Colton belongs to. Proof that humans and wolves don’t mix. 

Alone and brokenhearted, Luca flees town and ends up in the clutches of a sadistic alpha. 

When they meet again, Colton’s a wolf, and Luca is hiding in a shell, broken into a thousand different pieces from countless abuse. Can they overcome the secrets that tore them apart and find the love they once shared? 

Warning: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes. 


  1. I love your work, but i will wait for the completed book. Is frustrating not knowing what is going to happen next. Big thanks for your work. I will be waiting.

  2. Thanks so much! I only write complete books now (I don't do serial novels anymore). So you don't have to wait! Plus, the Westside Wolf Pack series is complete now with 3 books in all ^_^


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