The Cover Reveal was a lie! Here's the new one!

So I realized I didn't like the cover for Liar very much (it didn't say sexy gay romance at all) -- and my beta's hated the title. Thanks betas! I renamed the new book Alpha's War (since, you know, it's about Ian and Seb and Ian's gang war). Makes sense, right?


Anyhow, I'm also working on making all the Haven City covers mesh better. That means I'm redoing all of them. I don't have enough work to get done, writing and editing and stuff. I had to add another thing to my list. Can't ever complain about being bored, can I?

Also, I'm doing a slight re-title to make the Haven City books look more like a complete series. The new titles will look like this: Rogue Wolf: Shadow Scars (Haven City Series #1) and so forth. I hope that makes sense. People were confused about the order of the books so I decided to fix it!

Anyway, here's the real new cover - complete with sexy man torso:


  1. Oh! I hadn't seen this...
    D'aww.. I had already attached myself to the other one..
    Ah, whaatt?? ;A;/ bu-but I really liked the other covers... :( boo...LOL... but It's just the covers right? >o> I won't have to rebuy them for more content or what-not?

    heh, oh well. Anyways, Still look forward to the new book! \^w^/

  2. Did you like the first one? My betas argued about who liked it and who didn't, but I decided to change them to be more romancey. I have to run the new covers past some design friends first before I post them. Even this cover is slightly different now. I liked the old covers too, but the don't scream romance (or look like part of the same series!).

    No new content, just new pictures. You can always see the old ones on my blog! Or download them if you want ^_^

    1. Yeah, I did like the first ones. :3 hee
      but oh well, yeah! haha... I'll just gaze at them from your blog. xD

  3. Thanks ^_^

    I liked the first ones too. They took forever to make! The new ones aren't as busy and have a common color theme so they look more like a series.


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