Omega in the Shadows (Lost Wolves Book One) Release!

*Cue the marching band*

What? We didn't get the marching band? Damn! *blows kazoo*

Here it is. The moment everyone (okay, me) has been waiting for. Snarky omega assassins and sexy stoic alphas unite! Or, more like, they argue and have sexy times and then unite!

The book is now live on (almost) all channels after a slight hiccup yesterday! Kobo, Smashwords and Google Play are coming soon.

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Rowan Gregor is a CIA agent who vows never to get close to another wolf after his pack is brutally murdered by hunters. Enter Elijah Kane, an efficient and shadowy omega assassin on the run from the CIA. When Rowan is tasked with hunting down Kane, he ends up at the mercy of a wolf with nothing left to lose – a wolf who is sure Rowan is his mate – even when Rowan is sure he’s not gay.

Elijah Kane is hell bent on proving he’s stronger and smarter than every alpha he meets – including the alpha CIA agent sent to kill him. But Rowan lights a fire of lust that Elijah can’t ignore. They share a rare connection – a mate connection – and he’s not going to give up on Rowan until the man sees it too. 

Trapped in a snowy wilderness and besieged by hunters, desire sizzles between Elijah and Rowan. Can they overcome their differences, and their pasts, and forge a bond to save their future?

Contains graphic gay sex scenes.

Sexiness excerpt:

Originally, Rowan planned to run through the woods and hunt game on the full moon. It was the best way to keep out of the village and away from innocent people. Now that plan was bust. And once he turned, they’d lodge a silver bullet in his brain.

Then he remembered Kane’s threat and frowned.

No – they’d torture him for hours, maybe days, then kill him.

The second heart pounded in his chest, stronger than before. Its pace quickened, and Rowan caught the gentle pat of shoes against the flagstones.

Rowan glowered at the bars as that angelic face slipped around the corner.

Kane smiled and slid a comically large key into the door. It looked like something from a cartoon. The iron squeaked. It sounded like a dying rat. He didn’t bother shutting it behind him, but he hung the ring of keys on the wall before he stepped forward, flipping a bottle of water in his hands.

“I like you like this. All chained up and angry. Kind of a turn on,” he said.

He wore the same suit he had earlier. Some big shot designer by the cut and quality of the material. The gray was light enough that he didn’t look as pale as he did in black, and the blue shirt brought out his eyes – like he needed them to stand out.

Why the hell did Rowan even notice? He never noticed shit like that before. Not with anyone.

Kane frowned and kicked a loose pebble across the floor. It clattered against the wall. “Oh, are we not on speaking terms anymore? I did this for your own good, you know. Banik needs to die, and I need to kill him. Couldn’t have you messing that up.”

Ousting him as a wolf to a whole town of superstitious Slovaks for his own good? Did Kane believe all the crazy he spouted?

 “What do you want?” Rowan growled.

 “Not much. I’m a simple man, really. Maybe a chateau in the south of France,” Kane said, his shoes slapping against the floor. It echoed throughout the room. The sound was hollow. His lips turned into the slightest of smiles, and Rowan’s breath hitched in his throat. It was the first honest smile he’d seen on Kane’s face.

Still, he wasn’t about to respond with words. Instead, he rattled the chains and glowered.

“Oh, you meant what do I want from you. I get it,” Kane tapped his nose and the real smile slid into one of his fucking smirks. “There’s something perplexing going on. I think you feel it too, don’t you?”

With Kane that close, the dual heartbeats throbbed in his chest, pounding in his ears. Or maybe that was the rush of blood to his head, heating his face and urging the wolf to wring Kane’s slender neck – a neck as smooth as alabaster.

“I feel nothing,” Rowan grumbled, baring his fangs.

Kane raised his eyebrows and held the water to Rowan’s lips. “Scary, aren’t you? And a liar. I expected more.”

He stopped just close enough that Rowan could make out the slight scar on Kane’s jaw – white and about the length of a forefinger. Those gray blue eyes studied him, and he slowly ran the pink tip of his tongue over his lips. His heat radiated into Rowan’s body. It warmed the chill soaking into his flesh.

Rowan took a long gulp. The water did nothing to quell the fire in his belly. He frowned.

Then Kane reached forward and ran his slender fingers down Rowan’s jaw. He hadn’t shaved in a day or two, and the rough red stubble covered his cheeks and neck. He stiffened under the touch. The fingers sparked static through his veins, and he pulled his head back. It smacked into the wall and light flashed before his eyes.

“Easy there. I’m not going to hurt you,” Kane said softly. His heart sped up, thumping like a drum.

Rowan shook the pain from his skull and glared. “I’m going to kill you when I get free.”

“Do we really have to do this? You threaten to kill me and I say something clever that catches you off guard. It’s getting old. Let’s just enjoy the moment.”

The moment when Rowan was helplessly chained to a wall. His face burned and he lunged forward as far as the chains would allow – barely eight inches. Fuck!

Kane ignored the outburst and brushed his hand over Rowan’s chest. His muscles tensed under the touch. Why wasn’t the assassin hurting him? Instead, Kane was caressing him the way a lover would.

Oh, fuck no!

“I’d rather you hurt me,” Rowan grumbled.

“No, you wouldn’t. How’s the shoulder?” Kane asked and his fingers trailed toward the phantom wound, mirroring his own.

Rowan tried not to flinch under the touch, but like the omega’s, it was still sore. Still fresh. Silver had a way of sticking around when one wanted it gone. Kane’s touch was too light – too gentle. A man like him shouldn’t be capable of that.

Then Kane leaned forward and took a deep breath. “Mm, I hear you when I sleep. You snore. It’s light, hardly perceptible, but I can hear it. I’m surprised none of your conquests pointed it out before,” he said, and there was an edge to his voice Rowan never noticed before.

Was that jealousy?

If so, he might have leverage over Kane. Given the circumstances, he needed all the leverage he could get. “Maybe they don’t mind.”

The top button of his shirt popped open. Then the next. Kane’s fingers moved down them slowly, expertly, revealing Rowan’s taut and powerful chest to the chilly room. A fire roared in Rowan’s gut, chasing the cold from the room as well as a fire might.

“I’m sure they mind. Women are so picky about certain things,” he breathed. “But you don’t stick around long enough to find out, do you?”

The truth stabbed Rowan in the chest. This damn assassin read him perfectly.

Suddenly, Kane’s breath blew across Rowan’s neck. The heat of those lips brushed the skin, branding it. “You know why you leave?” Kane asked.

“My job,” Rowan growled, and he leaned as far back into the wall as possible. He was not going to give in like this. Not when Kane had him chained to a wall. Not when Kane was the last person Rowan wanted in the entire world.

That cocky smile slipped over Kane’s lips, and he pressed the length of his body against Rowan’s. His hip pressed into Rowan’s groin, and the alpha responded, throbbing and raging like he always did when he needed release.

“No. You leave because they aren’t what you’re looking for, and you know it deep down.”

The alpha stirred in his gut, and Rowan fought to think of anything else – Kane killing Brooks and breaking that woman’s arms. Agent Thompson and her brownnosing. Nothing dissuaded the jolt that shot to his cock – the throbbing need growing with each of Kane’s words.

“What do you think I’m looking for?” Rowan asked, his voice raspy and thick with something he couldn’t explain. Hatred. He hated Kane – that was it.

A hand cupped his pounding cock, rubbing it reverently.

Rowan fought the moan threatening his throat and turned it into a growl.

“Me. And you know it. Yue, that lovely goddess of ours, is trying to tell us something,” he whispered, breath tickling Rowan’s ear.

Rowan shook the chains on his wrist and waist, pulling his head forward as hard as he could. No way in hell he was going to do what Yue wanted. Not when she had some crazy ideas about how his life should turn out.

The chain on his neck held him firm, and the look in Kane’s eyes clouded. A peculiar expression flashed across his face – almost too quickly for Rowan to notice. “Oh? Still don’t think you’re gay? Did it ever feel this good with a lady friend?” Kane asked as his fingers slipped down Rowan’s zipper.

Rowan’s heart pounded – or maybe that was Kane’s heart. They beat together in his chest and brain. The throbbing in his cock, aching for release, didn’t help clear his mind. It fogged with the alpha’s desire inside him – the desire he didn’t want.

“I’ll kill you,” he growled again.

Kane ignored him, and Rowan’s thick length popped free. The head glistened with pre-come, slick and ready. His blood boiled in his veins.

“Lucky you, gay guys are so much better at giving head. We know what it feels like and what to do,” Kane sing-songed as his fingers brushed the oversensitive flesh.

Rowan’s hips bucked involuntarily, and he cursed the moon for the hundredth time. The Colonel wanted him to pretend to get close to Kane, not to actually fuck around with him.

But he was chained to a wall with nowhere to go. No escape from those eyes or that alluring mouth.


The alpha didn’t even jump out to help. To shift. It bubbled deep inside, urging his body to give in – give up. What the hell kind of wolf was he?

“Tell me you want me to suck you dry, Rowan,” Kane said, flicking his tongue over his lips hungrily.

Rowan did not want to know what Kane’s luscious mouth tasted like – or what it felt like wrapped around his cock. “Fuck off!”

That strange expression flashed across Kane’s face again, and for a moment Rowan thought it was hurt. How was that possible? His refusal hurt the assassin’s precious feelings?

Then lips burned his chest, and Kane’s soft black hair tickled his flesh. Every touch lit a new fire – a fire he rushed to stamp out. But those slender fingers wound over his skin, and that mouth inched toward his hardened nipples. The tongue flicked out to taste him, and Rowan hissed as it made contact.

He should hate it – hate the sensation as much as he hated the man doing it to him. But the alpha clawed and howled, begging Rowan to give in to the pleasure crawling over his skin.

The wolf betrayed him. That’s why his animal side needed to be kept in check – hidden away.

It wasn’t really him.

Kane sucked the nub of flesh, eliciting another croak of pleasure from Rowan. Shit. The fucking alpha was making noises for him now. The desperation behind that moan sounded nothing like his normal voice.

Nothing at all.

Lips smiled against his stomach, moving lower.

Rowan fought to ignore the omega raking the coals of his desire into a raging inferno. He pressed himself into the cold wall, but it only served to remind him how hot he was – how feverish. The icy flagstones chilled his flesh, peppering it with eager goose bumps, and allowing his knees to sag and buckle.


No escape.

That pink tongue darted out again and trailed over Rowan’s taut stomach, the defined muscles and his heaving navel. Kane was too close now, and no matter what Rowan did, he couldn’t deny the inevitable.

His cock pounded for it. Throbbed and beat, aching for a touch to ease the pressure building in his balls. No matter how Rowan tried to shove it away, the alpha’s need rose into his chest, choking him with desire.

Slowly, he looked down at the assassin on his knees. The way his dark hair fell into his eyes, and how his ears poked out at just the right angle. Kane’s capable hands gripped his hips, and he breathed on the urgent shaft, the lips hovering just in front of it.

Rowan held his breath, tried to keep as still as possible. Steeled himself for the coming sensation.

The chains rattled.


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