Cover Reveal: Tiger's Den: Black Wolves (Haven City Series # 5)

I'm finishing up the editing/revision touches on Tiger's Den right now. So far, I'm pleased, which is amazing. Usually, I hate my books when I'm done with them. Then I complain to my BFF and betas until they tell me how stupid I am and to get over it. Ah, the life of a writer!

But I'm pretty happy with this one. Milo is adorbs (and horny as all hell, which I didn't expect, but I went with it), and Fei is sexy and mysterious. Oh, and we get to meet Jin, the leader of the Dragons. He's sexy too. Too sexy to let me leave him alone. I'm already plotting his book and the dude he gets to mate with. It'll be hot. Mostly because he's going to meet Rory, from the Rogue Wolf books. A dragon and a fire mage. What better couple could there be?

Tiger's Den should be out on June 3rd. 

Here's a look at the cover! 

Yeah, the guy isn't Chinese. I know. Finding hot dudes with long black hair is hard. Finding pictures that I can use of a hot Chinese dude with long hair was impossible. So I went with a non-Chinese dude, which I hope doesn't offend anyone. I tried. 

I wish he wasn't wearing a shirt either, but I can't strip a picture. If only. . . 



  1. Awesome~~ I still do like this cover though!! ohoho~ He's sexy.
    But For me anyways, It's cool that he's not Chinese. Lots of books have covers that don't actually match how the characters are described. Once I fall into the story I completely forget the cover anyways and go with my own imagination.. fufu~

  2. ^_^ I thought he was hot, too. I love when guys in real life can pull off long hair. I've been ruined by watching too much anime and reading too much manga! So many pretty long haired men. *sigh*
    I figured the cover pic wouldn't be a problem, but I worry about weird stuff.


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