It's almost time. . . Print Cover Reveal: Tiger's Den: Black Wolves (Haven City Series # 5)

I almost forgot tomorrow was June 30th! Yeah, it's been one of those crazy I-haven't-been-able-to-take-a-day-off-because-I-have-a-book-coming-out kinda weeks. Full of last minute everything. So, pretty much every week leading up to a big release. 

Hey, I got a bottle of sparkling Italian wine to celebrate. It's a small bottle, and I'm gonna drink it all. 

The book will be live tomorrow (fingers crossed). 

Also, I'm about half way done with Omega in the Light. Simeon makes me smile because he's pretty funny (and crazier than his brother). Zev, the alpha, is cool too. Much lighter personality than Rowan, and Zev's been through some shit, so that's saying something. I know Rowan went through shit too, but Zev's is worse. PTSD kinda worse, yet he manages to keep upbeat (until Simeon pisses him off. And Simeon excels at pissing people off). Weird how that works. 

Anyway, here's what (some?) have been waiting for. The print cover in all its glory! 


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