Manuscript Monday: Nothing says romance like a shopping trip with sex in the dressing room.

It's that time again! Time for a little snippet from Dragon & Flame! This week, Jin and Rory are shopping for a tux. It's actually relevant to the plot. Plus, shopping equals fun times! At least when shopping with a rich and powerful dragon shifter it does.

Even Dean is excited about this shit.

Remember this is totally unedited. Enjoy:

Heat flared in Rory’s chest, torn between annoyance and lust. Why did Jin always fall right on that line? This weird place between wanting and wanting to punch. Fuck! He stalked after the dragon.

“You’re coming in with me?” Rory asked and walked into one of the palatial dressing rooms. It was the same size as his bedroom and had a damn couch, for fuck’s sake. Yeah, it wasn’t a anything like the dressing rooms at the places he usually shopped.

Jin stepped inside after him. “I wouldn’t want you getting lonely in here all by yourself.”

Rory doubted that eventuality, but he didn’t kick Jin out either. “And here I didn’t put on my fancy underwear.”

Jin smirked.

The sales ladies brought in the tuxedos and shut the door as they left.

A dare lit up Jin’s eyes and the dragon settled on the couch. What did he expect? That Rory wouldn’t actually strip?

Rory slipped the leather jacket off his shoulders and set it aside. “You really want to watch me take off my clothes?”

“Very much. You’re an attractive man. I can see what Richard loves about you, but I can’t see what you liked about him,” Jin said evenly.

Love. Ha! Dick never loved him. Rory knew that, and Jin used that word on purpose.

Rory yanked his shirt over his head and tossed it on his jacket. Then he stepped forward. “Like what you see?”

Jin’s eyes crinkled at the edges, and Rory wondered how old the dragon was. Older than Rory, that was for sure. He didn’t ask. Might ruin the moment.

Jin’s dark eyes drank in Rory’s firm chest, the tattoos that wound over his arms, and the little black rings that pierced his nipples. But Jin didn’t reach forward and try to touch him, like Rory assumed he would. Hell, from the look of hungry fascination on Jin’s face and the flick of his tongue over his lips, Rory expected a hell of a lot more.

“I said you were attractive,” Jin purred.

“So take off my pants,” Rory said and stepped so close his legs straddled Jin’s thighs. Perfect position for a suck job, and he smirked at that thought. If the sex was on his terms, he sure as hell wouldn’t mind one of those.


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