Alpha's Gamble (Haven City Series # 7) Released!

Alpha's Gamble (Haven City Series # 7) is live everywhere (except Kobo)! In fact, I think it went live a few places last night.

*pops bottle of sparkling wine*


Are you going to roll the dice on Davis? Bet it all and see if Ken gets the man he's been in love with since he was a teenager? Or will you fold? Okay, I'm done with the bad gambling puns. And I apologize.

If you still like me after that, you can check out the book!

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Davis Harrison ruins things. He was supposed to form a pack and lead as alpha, but that future felt like a cage, so he paved his own path as a gambler who now owes money to the mob. Problem? Yeah. Big time. Especially when repaying old debts puts Davis and everyone he cares about in danger.

Enter Davis’s best friend and omega wolf, Ken Isben. Ken promised himself not to get involved with Davis and his schemes – that ship sailed a long time ago. Ken has a life, a home and a steady job. But every instinct tells Ken that Davis is his mate, and if he’s not there to pick up the pieces, who will?

But helping a friend in need is harder than it seems when that friend is as sexy as Davis. Even if Davis claims he’s straight that doesn’t keep the charming alpha from getting close to Ken in every way possible – igniting hidden desires and rekindling a lust Ken thought he got over years before.

The line between friends and lovers blurs, but is it enough to heal their wounds, repair their broken pack and fall in love?

Contains graphic gay sex scenes and violence.


They finished off a whole pizza before Davis spoke. The one thing that he hadn’t thought about since the night before flashed into his mind. Hell, it was the reason he stayed at the club and got into the damn fight with those bears.
Davis took a swig of his beer. “How was the date?”
Ken’s chewing slowed, and he dabbed his mouth with a napkin before he answered. “Not great. I told him it wouldn’t work and came home.”
Well, that was the last response Davis expected. He thought for damn sure Ty’s arrest interrupted Ken’s date, otherwise Ken would’ve gone home with the guy.
“That’s it?” Davis fought the grin threatening his lips. Besides all the other shit he had to deal with, at least Ken didn’t have a damn boyfriend now.
Ken pursed his lips and grabbed another slice. Probably his sixth, but Davis wasn’t about to judge. He could eat both pizzas by himself, and Ken could as well.
“Well, he’s human, so that put a damper on it. He kept asking me about Christmas. What am I supposed to say? Wolves don’t celebrate human holidays? And he can’t cut a damn steak to save his life. Oh, and you have no idea what he did to his bread. Annoying, to say the least. Also, he’s indecisive and egotistical. Sort of. Or maybe he just wasn’t what I wanted.”
Davis’s heart thudded in his chest. He heard Ken’s beat with it, like two drums trying to match each other’s pace. “What do you want?”
He didn’t know why he asked. Ty told him. Ken told him ten years before, and Davis did the perfectly asshole thing and dismissed it. What could he do about it when the very idea of giving into that kind of desire scared him shitless? No – it wasn’t the desire that frightened him, that was just a front from his real fear. It was the responsibility of keeping Ken happy. Being the upstanding alpha Ken deserved, pretty much the exact opposite of what Davis actually was.
What if he royally fucked it all up and Ken never forgave him? Or Ken left him. Yeah, he couldn’t deal with that.
Ty was probably right. Ken was too good for him.
That just meant Davis had to be better.
“Stop being an ass. You know what I want. I’ve known since I was sixteen how I felt, and I don’t expect you to feel the same. I’m not saying I’m waiting for something that’s never going to happen, but I’m also not forcing myself into a relationship just for the hell of it. Or to make you jealous. It’s not worth it,” Ken said and gulped the last of his wine. His cheeks reddened, and he lapped a drop from his upper lip.
Davis stared at him, mouth twitching into a smile. “You were trying to make me jealous?”
“Shut up,” Ken said and nudged Davis’s calf with his toe. “I know it was stupid and pointless, okay? But you kissed me and—”
“It worked. I was jealous last night. I was jealous the night Jin caught me. I sound like some asshole alpha, and I know it, but I hated the idea of anyone else touching you,” Davis blurted out. His fingers dug into the bottle of beer.
This was his idea of being a better wolf? He wasn’t off to a great start.
To his surprise, Ken didn’t shut the conversation down with a shake of his head. He didn’t gather their dishes and rush away, like he’d done before. This time Ken looked straight into Davis’s eyes. Ken’s own looked like the sea during a storm, fighting toward an impossible shore.
If Ken was drowning out there, he needed Davis’s help.
So Davis threw him a life raft. Hell, he’d have turned an entire ship around if he had to, because admitting this is what that felt like.
“Do you want to be the one touching me?” Ken breathed and bit his bottom lip. His teeth dug into it so hard Davis feared it might break. Bleed. For him. And he wasn’t worthy of that kind of wound.
Davis’s mouth felt like the Arizona desert, but he didn’t pick up his beer. Didn’t move. If he did, this moment might get lost in the grand shuffle, and they’d never find their way back here again.
“Yeah. More than anything.”
Ken inhaled sharply like someone hit him. His eyes pinched, and he nodded. “Then do it.”
Davis didn’t need to be told more than once.
Who the hell cared about a half eaten pizza with an offer like that? But he couldn't shove the pizza on the floor; Ken wasn’t that kind of guy. He’d complain about the grease stains. So Davis rounded the table, swallowed the cactus in his throat and pulled Ken into him.
Ken’s eyes widened, briefly, and then his expression turned sharp with desire. The same desire that singed Davis from the inside. His bones burned with it – a fire that started in his chest and spread across his entire being.
He’d been waiting for this kind of signal all week, and finally he got it.
Ken’s mouth met his first. Lips, teeth and tongue pressed together passionately. He tasted like pizza and wine, not a bad combo, considering.
Davis’s fingers snagged on Ken’s T-shirt. It was too loose. Too baggy. He yanked it over Ken’s head, upsetting his hair even more.
Hell, Ken didn’t even say a word when Davis let it drop to the floor.
Davis’s chest heaved. Every breath he took ached. Pinched at his side, though the salve helped ease some of it. But the pain was worth it.
All of it was worth it for Ken and this singular moment.
 Ken’s mouth slipped down Davis’s neck, over the rough stubble. Every kiss scorched his flesh. Woke up the pieces of him that slept far too long.
He groaned, limped forward, and held Ken against the wall.
Ken writhed like a damn serpent, all hands and that hot wet mouth. It nipped at his lips, his cheeks. The rough edge of his jaw. Kissing and sucking and—Fuck! Davis wanted that mouth. Wanted all of Ken sprawled out just for him.
“You’re hurt,” Ken breathed, like he was reminding himself, not Davis, of the alpha’s wounds.
Davis shrugged and pulled the shirt over his head. “So? I’m well enough for this.”
Ken frowned when he saw Davis’s chest. The little cuts and scrapes from the rocks in the river. The black bruise spreading over Davis’s side.


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