Book price drop and a few other announcements!

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating.

Writing is hard.

Chuck knows.

Not just making up interesting stories and putting them down on (digital) paper, but writing as a business is hard. It's a constantly changing landscape to which writers (like me) need to adapt or lose out.

I haven't been adapting well lately, and my book sales reflect that.

Also, my last week has been like this:

Hyperbole and a Half

But I'm not going to whine about shit not going my way. Boo-fucking-hoo. Instead, I made a plan to do something about it.

  1. I lowered all my books from $4.99 to $3.99. I'm sorry if you bought Alpha's Gamble at $4.99 and feel cheated. I didn't know I was going to lower the price until Friday. The book isn't selling well, and the only thing I can figure besides everyone decided they hated me is that the price is too high in the current ebook market. Since I make a living on my books, and I'd like to keep making a living on my books, I have a certain sales threshold to maintain. If that means I have to sell more books at a cheaper price, I can do that. I hope
  2. New releases will be $2.99 for the first week! Yep! That means from now on my loyal fans (whom I love, btw, you guys rock!) will get a special discount on every book just for buying it when it comes out. ^_^
  3. I'll be putting out more stuff, including two new series! I've changed up my writing plans a bit this year. I think I need to diversify my books a bit better to attract more readers, and also to keep from getting bored and complacent. While it does mean that Haven City and Lost Wolves will be spread out a tiny bit more, it also means they'll be new stuff too. Including another wolf series (Alpha's Reign) and a gay superhero series (Darkvale). And who doesn't love gay superheroes? 


*wipes away drool*

Check out my current release schedule here


  1. :( Aw, I'm sorry AG and your other books aren't selling well. AHAHA, I don't mind that I ended up getting it a little bit pricey since it means it technically helped you a little financially. lol
    But aw, Yay! I look forward to all your new stuff. :))


  3. Thanks for the kind words! I really need to do more promotion for my books. That's probably why the sales are dropping. I'm glad you're happy about gay superheroes! I've been wanting to write that story for a long time, but I felt like no one else wanted gay superheroes but me. Now I know better! ^_^

    1. AUGH!! I had written a whole response and it vanished!! Dx
      *cough* but Haha yes! It's so desperately needed! The only other gay superhero book I had read/seen was HERO by Perry Moore. and or two new ones.. recently by an author in dreamspinner and one by LT3 press I think... but yeah! so sad! So I am so glad you're planning one! yay! yay!

    2. I'm gonna check those out! I love gay superheroes. I mostly read DC fanfics about Tim/Kon and Superman/Lex Luthor. Also, Bat/Flash. Gotta love those two together. ^_^ I can't wait to work on my own story more. There's a hero and an anti-hero involved. I can't write a book without making one character sort of crazy, it seems. Oh well.


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