Manuscript Monday: What's a beta to do with a horny omega and an asshole alpha?

I finally escaped the brain cloud caused by the flu!

Which means I can enjoy life again, and totally fan girl over sexy pics of Rin and Sousuke as cops. Damn, Sousuke. I think I'm in love. The extra episode of Free! Eternal Summer reminded me why I love this show so much. Also, I now ship Sousuke/Nagisa because I can!

Since it's monday, I have a new snippet of Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) to share with you. Cole has to deal with a sexy (and sort of assholey) alpha and a horny omega. Poor Cole!

Cole crept down the stairs and found Akito lounging in the living room. Like the bedroom, everything was white with dark wood – simple and clean. It was nothing like Sari’s place. Every room in her penthouse had a different theme with a combination of bright colors. It looked like a rainbow exploded, then she tossed glitter over everything just to improve upon in.
This place didn’t overwhelm his senses like that. It made him search for details. A hint of who Trent Yagami was besides the estranged son of the biggest alpha in all of Neo-Tokyo. The mysterious alpha who wanted him when Sari didn’t.
The male alpha who wanted him. And the reason he was here was because of Akito, at Trent’s behest.
Cole swallowed the lump in his throat.
“You don’t look as fucked up as you did,” Akito said and leaned his head over the edge of the couch. “But you’re upside-down, so maybe I’m wrong.”
Cole put on a glare and glanced around. “That’s because you’re looking at me upside-down. Where’s the alpha?”
Akito grinned. “Out. Why? You want to fuck before he gets back?”
“What?” The word slipped out, and his breath caught in his throat. Cole needed a drink of water. Something to eat. The fog might’ve cleared his mind, but his stomach felt like an empty pit and his muscles might as well have been made of jelly.
To make things more confusing, Akito wore nothing but a pair of loose pants that bunched at his hips. His chest was bare, and he ran a hand down it. Smirked. The hint of his cock was outlined too perfectly under that thin fabric. “Come on. I was going to jack off, but it’d be better with your mouth. I’ll bet you give great head. You’ve got the lips for it.”
Cole pouted, and Akito laughed, like that proved his point. “Aren’t you an omega, Aki?”
“I will be when he finally bites me. And what? An omega can’t want sex? What kind of rock have you been living under?”
Cole scowled. “No rock, but I’m not messing around with you after what you did to me. You drugged me, asshole.”
Akito shrugged, but he rolled over and sat up. His brows lowered over his dark eyes. “Do you hate me?”
Cole gaped. Dammit. Akito always could make himself look so sorry you forgot what he did wrong. But this was a fucking huge thing to forget. “You drugged me and took me to your alpha, after I said I didn’t want another alpha. What do you think?”
“I think you didn’t answer me because you don’t hate me. And, to be completely fair, you were drugged up anyway. I just gave you a slight nudge. Plus, he is an alpha. It’s not like I can defy him. Did you want him to punish me?” Akito asked.
Cole sunk into a chair across from the couch. Akito was right about all of that. “No, and fine. I don’t hate you. But I’m still pissed. You tricked me.”
“Yeah, but I did it to save you. Mostly. Trent thinks he can fix you, and he fixed me, so I believe him,” Akito said and stretched. His back arched.
Cole’s mouth watered just looking at him. Not the straightest thought he’d ever had. “How did he fix you?”
“He pulled me off the streets after my old alpha kicked me out. I don’t think he ever intended to bite me, he just wanted to use me as a punching bag and deny any other alpha the right to change me. Then when that asshole was done with me, Trent came along.”
Cole rubbed his arms. He didn’t want to picture Akito in that situation. The pens had been bad enough. Since Akito was small and pretty back then (he was still short and gorgeous, but not nearly so feminine looking as he’d been as a pre-teen), the other humans picked on him relentlessly. Cole didn’t know what happened to Akito before they met, but he used whatever means he could to defend Akito after they met. It was usually his fists. Cole wondered if he could still do that after what he’d seen with Sari.
Punching a guy’s teeth out held a lot less satisfaction when an alpha ordered it. Cole’s gut clenched. “I still don’t want to be a wolf no matter what Trent did for you.”
Akito watched Cole for a long moment. “Why not? I thought you didn’t have a problem with wolves before. You wanted an alpha to pick you.”
Before Cole answered, the front door banged open.
Akito jumped up from the couch as Trent rounded the corner.
The alpha’s eyes burned, and his entire body bunched. He frowned at them both. “Good. Cole’s awake.”
Akito rolled his eyes. “Did you deal with them?”
Trent nodded shortly and looked at Cole. “Come with me.”
It was an order. Cole bristled and scratched his head. The damn alpha hadn’t said much to him since that first day, and the conversation as a whole was a blur. The only thing Cole remembered distinctly (besides the hand job – no way in hell he’d forget that!) was Trent’s threat and the overwhelming need to get away from this alpha before it was too late. Before the bastard bit him and claimed him for good.
Cole did nothing but stand and stare, his mouth a desert. “Why?”
“Because if I give you an order you follow it. That’s how this works,” Trent said.
“I’m not your beta.”
Yet. Cole didn’t say that because he wouldn’t be this alpha’s beta. Although the idea sparked a fire in his gut – something hot and foreign. Something uncomfortably familiar. He told himself he didn’t want to be a wolf. He didn’t want to be like them. Hell, he didn’t know what he wanted to be like at all anymore.
Not himself, that was for goddamn sure.
Being human sucked, but being a wolf meant you were a murdering asshole at the disposal of a crazy alpha. Which was worse?
Trent blinked and stepped closer. He smelled like rain and the distinct hint of wolf musk. The scent was sharper than Sari. Rugged and very male.
Cole swallowed.  
“You will be,” Trent breathed in Cole’s ear and a jolt shot straight to his cock.
Damn. That shouldn’t happen.
Then Trent smiled, like he knew what Cole felt. Even if wolves, alpha’s especially, were enhanced because of the lupine DNA coursing through their veins, they couldn’t read minds, could they?
“I said I’d run,” Cole said, his voice raspy instead of powerful. He licked his lips and glared.
“And yet you’re still here. Aki. Lunch. I’m hungry,” Trent said, his eyes still on Cole. “Follow me or I’ll get a leash and a collar. The choice is yours.”
Akito walked into the kitchen, his lips pursed.
Cole balled his hands into fists and felt his skin flush.
A collar? From the look in Trent’s eyes, the dangerous silver gleam, the alpha was dead serious.


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