Manuscript Monday: Come for the angst, stay for the bathroom sex

Omega Enslaved (Lost Wolves Book Four) is finished! Well, it's written. I'm editing now, and I hope to get it done for pre-order on Amazon and other sites. Now that I've said that, it probably won't happen because I royally suck at keeping to my own deadlines. But I'm going to try. I really want to make this book available for pre-orders!!!

Also, I was reading Free! doujinshi. It's the best thing ever, pretty much.

It means you get to see lots of this:

Uh-oh! Makoto's naked!

And this (NSFW -- but Makoto's ass is totally safe for work. . . )

Nothing like a good ole' bathtub handy. Haru knows. ^_^

Now time for another snippet of Omega Enslaved! Felix and Lucien take a shower together and talk about philosophy, religion and sex. That's totally normal, right? Also, this bit is mostly unedited and subject to some changes/fixes. Enjoy!

Lucien watched him, and the alpha’s lips curled into a frown. “You haven’t washed your back.”

“It’s fine. I’m clean enough,” Felix muttered and turned, but a strong hand clamped on his shoulder. The sharp tips of Lucien’s nails dug into his skin and held him there.

Without a word, Lucien scrubbed his back. His hands were rougher than Felix imagined, calloused when he thought they’d be smooth. But the touch was gentle enough, and Felix endured it because there was little else he could do without running away, and there was no place to go on that boat. No place he could really escape.

Still, the touch shouldn’t have coiled in his balls, thick with need. And it sure as hell shouldn’t feel good enough that he wanted to melt under it.

Felix bit his lip. Hard. Willed himself to think of something else. Howard’s greasy hair. Or the barnacles on the side of the boat.

It didn’t work.

“If you don’t believe in Yue does that mean you don’t believe in Yue’s bond?” Lucien asked, and his breath blew across Felix’s shoulder and ear, hotter than the air around them, which seemed impossible.

Felix quivered under those words and the weight of that touch. He forced himself to laugh. “Oh, her mate bond? Of course I don’t believe in that. It’s nonsense. How is one wolf supposed to find their mate in such a diverse world? Especially since shifter lands are spread apart, and shifters can live anywhere if they’re willing to put up with getting hunted and possibly killed at some point.”

“That doesn’t mean mates don’t exist,” Lucien said, his voice nearly a growl. He moved Felix under the water and handed him the soap.

Felix frowned. He didn’t get into discussions about his personal beliefs with other shifters because it always came to something like this – either they already sided with him, which was easy, or they were stubborn assholes like this alpha. Stubborn devout assholes, which was even worse. He rolled his eyes. “Do you have a mate? Are you going to tell me how wonderful your bond is?”

“Not quite, but I can prove to you that mates exist,” Lucien said and leaned close.
Felix took a step back and bumped into the cold tile wall. His heart thudded, and the heat that retreated from his skin before seemed to take root in his belly and groin. “I’m not gay.”

Lucien’s lips curled into a thin smile. “I think Yue begs to differ. That omega clawing at your insides does as well.”

Felix told his body to move, but it stayed still. Even as his heart pounded with that extra beat right beside it. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip so hard he tasted blood. Shit!

“Stop that. It hurts me too, and it’s annoying. Do you think I’d want an omega like you as my mate?” Lucien said.

Felix’s eyes snapped open, and he shoved the alpha hard in his slippery chest. “You are not my mate. I said I wasn’t gay.”

Lucien took several steps back. “And I can prove that you are.”

Felix felt a dribble of something hot on his chin, and he tasted the coppery blood on his tongue. A mark that mirrored the injured on Felix’s mouth marred Lucien’s lip as well, which was thinner than his own, but delicate and enticing all the same.


Damn. Why did he ask that? He should leave. Stalk away. Not stare at this alpha and ask how he was planning to prove Felix was gay. And possibly his mate.

 Lucien moved toward him and turned off the water. The room sounded too quiet without it. Made it too easy to focus on Lucien’s heart beat and his breath. No matter how much Felix didn’t want to pay attention to them, there they were. As were those almond shaped red eyes that watched him with the intensity of a wolf about to pounce on its prey. No way in hell Felix wanted to be that prey.

“Why don’t you like men?” Lucien asked evenly.

“Because I’m not gay,” Felix ground out between gritted teeth. Why couldn’t he move? Run. His instincts should be forcing him out of the room and far away from this situation, but the omega sat calmly and licked its paws, unconcerned.

“So you’ve been with women?” Lucien asked and his eyes trailed over Felix’s heaving chest and toward his cock. “I’ve been with both myself. Are you bi?”

Felix blinked and a knot tightened in his chest. Sick and ugly. “I’m twenty-three. Yes, I’ve been with women when my schedule allowed it.” That wasn’t strictly a lie, but it was close enough.

Are you sure you’re straight? Evelyn asked him that on several occasions, usually due to something trivial and stereotypical. Felix ignored her.

“Twenty-three?” Lucien asked, and looked ready to move back. Little lines pinched the corners of his eyes.

“That’s what I said. What? Are you going to tell me I don’t look my age?”

“You don’t,” Lucien said, and for the first time a smile sparked in his eyes, not that asshole smirk that seemed to dance around his mouth half the time.

Felix licked his lips and instantly regretted it. Because Lucien watched his tongue and the idea that this alpha was interested in proving he was gay was less concerning than it should be. Especially considering the rest of the situation. “Neither do you.”

“It’s my condition. I’m both blessed and cursed.”

Felix didn’t ask what Lucien meant, and the alpha didn’t explain.

Lucien planted one hand on the tile behind Felix’s back and stood so close the heat from his body, dripping and slick, radiated into Felix’s flesh.

Without another word, Lucien slipped a hand down his chest and over his cock, gripping it firmly. Felix watched with sick fascination as those slender fingers slipped over the head, and it hardened, throbbed. Flushed with color. The sensation of that touch slid over Felix’s own dick. He felt it – his balls tightened and his cock stiffened.

“See?” Lucien breathed, his voice rich with lust. “I can get you off without touching you. That proves my point.”

Felix forgot what point he was trying to prove. He stood in a bathroom while an alpha jerked off in front of him, and he should’ve been disturbed and not turned on.

Especially that turned on.

“You think we’re mates?” Felix asked and managed to keep his voice steady.

“Yue seems to think so. Touch it or I will. I’d like to come.”

“Yue’s a bitch,” Felix growled. “Go ahead. Suck me off, alpha, and then I might believe you.”

Lucien looked at him under hooded eyes. “You don’t think an alpha would sink to his knees to prove a point?”

“I don’t think a king would do it for a lowly omega. Not someone like you,” Felix bit out and wished he hadn’t. But those kinds of things jumped out of his mouth and escaped into the world. He could do nothing but wait for a response.

This is why Howard shouldn’t have sent him on this mission. He’d end up pissing Lucien off. Like now. And that would result in something terrible happening. Only, it wasn’t death and Felix wasn’t afraid.

He watched the alpha pace behind Lucien’s eyes. Noted the calculation in that look, which was the closest thing to startled Lucien ever had in Felix’s presence. Lucien wasn’t going to hurt him, but he was going to do something.

Felix wasn’t sure if he’d regret it or not.


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