Omega Enslaved (Lost Wolves Book Four) Released and it's on Sale!!!

Drum roll, please!

Omega Enslaved (Lost Wolves Book Four) is live, and it's on sale for $2.99 along with all my other books! It's my semi-annual ebook sale! I'll do a post about the sale tomorrow.

Get it here:

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Felix Underwood is an omega, a con man and a (sometimes) assassin enacting revenge for the wrongs that plague his past. However, all that ends when he's captured by Interpol. Imprisoned for months, his only shot at freedom is a dangerous mission to gather information on the infamous alpha wolf, Lucien the Bloody King of Wallachia. When the mission goes south, Felix ends up as a spy in Lucien's clutches. In order to save himself, Felix needs to bring Lucien to his human handlers, but Felix’s heart (and cock) tells him Lucien is his mate.

His heart sucks. Especially since Felix is straight.

Lucien Mircea fought long and hard to become the ruthless alpha king he is today, but Felix challenges all of that. The mysterious omega wolf riles up Lucien’s alpha instincts and sets his blood on fire in more ways than one. Lucien swore he’d never fall for a measly omega, yet the thread of destiny (and lust) intertwines them.

Hundreds of miles from home and dogged by hunters, Lucien and Felix must work together if they want to survive. Can the alpha and omega overcome betrayal and learn to trust the mate bond that connects them?

Contains graphic gay sex and graphic violence (as usual ^_^).


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