Another Book Giveaway: Titan in Chains (Broken Heroes Book 1)

Before I get to the giveaway part - a quick note that I changed the release date for the next Alpha's Reign book, mostly because I was on a super tight schedule and my hands don't always agree with me when I work like that.

Curse you, hands, and your inability to do what I want you to do!!!!

Seriously, I have compression gloves that help, but my joints are sore all the time. So, I pushed the release of Akito (Alpha's Reign Book 2) back until September 30th. That also means I'm currently working on the next Haven City book. I hope it's not too weird because I feel like I'm channeling Diana Wynn Jones, if she wrote smutty gay romance novels instead of amazing fantasy/sci-fi books. Note: Howl's Moving Castle and Deep Secrets are two of my favorite books ever. Ever!

Howl by FeliceMelancholie

Now onto the giveaway!

I'm doing another Goodreads giveaway, this time for Titan in Chains (Broken Heroes Book 1). It ends on August 15, 2015. Enter here with your Goodreads ID or Facebook.

Or enter here:


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        Titan in Chains by Zoe Perdita



          Titan in Chains

          by Zoe Perdita


            Giveaway ends August 15, 2015.
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            at Goodreads.

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