Manuscript Monday: The Alpha Gives In (to bathroom sex and maybe some kind of bargain)

The book is getting so much closer to being done.  My revisions are almost finished, and I'm not as worried about Quinn being too weird anymore. Also, I actually took a few days off over the weekend so my brain doesn't feel as much like mush.

That means I finally updated some of my Pinterest boards, and I found this. Levi is in trouble. The best kind of trouble.

Here's another sneak peek. Tyler and Quinn get naughty in a public bathroom. They also talk and stuff. Enjoy! ^_^

The door swung open, and Tyler’s musky scent fought with the Lysol for dominance. “What the fuck was that about? You can’t tell humans what we are!” he growled and bared his fangs. He stood just a few feet from the door, the dirty gray tile surrounding him, and his hands balled into fists. 
Quinn let out a breath, leaned against the sink and smiled carelessly. “Why not? They never believe me.”
“That doesn’t matter. Humans don’t get it. If they knew the truth, what do you think would happen? Look what they do to each other. Not to mention, motherfucking hunters,” Tyler said and threw his hands in the air.
“Look what shadow folk do to each other,” Quinn said, raising his brows and crossing his arms. If that didn’t make this wolf feel at least a little guilty, than Quinn wouldn’t feel guilty for leading him into a bargain.
The light above Tyler’s head buzzed faintly, and the glow cast shadows across his face. He chewed on his lip ring and frowned. “No shit. But now those humans all think you’re crazy.”
“I don’t care about them. Do you think I’m crazy?” Quinn asked quietly and held his breath.
“Probably,” Tyler answered and let out a snarl of frustration before he continued. “You’re obviously some kind of shifter—I know that, and that asshole magic user is. . . what? Your caretaker?”
 Quinn snorted. “He only cares about. . . I can’t say why he cares because of this,” he said and tugged at the necklace. “But it’s not good for me, and it’s not good for him. This hurts me. It’s diminishing what I am. How would you like to be caged and kept by a mere human?”
Tyler’s eyes focused on the chain, and his frown deepened. He flinched at the last part while the alpha inside him bristled at the surface. “Right. That. How do I know no one else can see it?”
“Because I can’t lie,” Quinn said and pushed himself off the sink.
“Is that part of the magic spell?” Tyler asked and his shoulders relaxed enough that Quinn figured he wouldn’t get punched if he moved forward.
“No, it’s part of what I am. We don’t lie. Ever. The truth isn’t as subjective as most people think. It’s a solid thing that doesn’t change shapes with thoughts or words. That’s why Bradley is scared of me.”
Tyler stiffened at that, and Quinn knew why. Everyone lied, whether to others or themselves, and the truth was often the thing that scared them the most. If it weren’t, his kind wouldn’t be such a threat. “You realize how fucking crazy this all sounds.”
“I know. Maybe it is crazy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening,” Quinn said, choosing his words carefully for fear the necklace might choke them out of him again. It didn’t. He took a few tentative steps forward, and Tyler didn’t move away. Good. That’s what he needed.
“How the hell do you expect me to help? If you have a spell on you, I can’t break it. I’m a wolf with no magic,” Tyler grumbled and shoved his hands into his pockets, though his eyes stayed glued to Quinn the entire time, his expression guarded.
“Breaking spells doesn’t require magic; you just need to find the weak points and exploit them. All magic has a weak point, if I could tell you more, I would.” Quinn stood about a foot from the alpha now, and his fingers twitched to touch those arms and kiss those lips again, but he held the urge at bay. For now, at least. Quinn waited for the words that would give him an opening – what’s in it for me? No one did something without personal gain. He’d learned that a long time ago too.
The humans who were drawn deep into the woods didn’t look into the mirror without thinking they would get something wonderful in return. Very few could stand what they saw, which made the gift they may have received moot.
However, Tyler didn’t say that. He simply flicked his pink tongue over his lip ring and frowned ever so slightly. Perhaps he needed a nudge.
“If you break the spell, I can give you whatever you want,” Quinn breathed. Of course, the trick was the wolf would have to look into the mirror. What his heart most desired would be reflected therein, and that’s the gift he would receive. While Quinn couldn’t lie, he didn’t have to spell everything out in detail either.
“What if I don’t know what I want?” Tyler said and his voice dropped low.
“I think we can figure that out,” Quinn said and took the opportunity offered. He might’ve been the prisoner of the Montgomery family, but he wasn’t some innocent creature with no experience. Plus, the way his body radiated around Tyler hadn’t happened before. He’d been turned on in a clinical sense, but never like this, with the ache in his groin and the urge to touch the alpha rubbing him raw from the inside out.
Tyler’s chest heaved lightly, and Quinn’s fingers ran over the smooth cotton – the muscles beneath it hard. His hand pressed into the solid heat, and it tensed with his touch. Since Tyler didn’t protest, Quinn slipped his hand lower.
Past the band of Tyler’s jeans and palmed the half-hard cock tucked inside.
Tyler sucked in a breath. “You think that’s what I want?”
“You’re letting me touch your cock. I think that’s a ‘yes,’” Quinn said and pressed their mouths together into a kiss that was the exact opposite of the first one they’d shared. That one had been chaste – this was all heat and lust.
Tyler groaned in the back of his throat, and the sound reverberated into Quinn’s body. The cock against his palm hardened, and the hot velvet tip of the wolf’s tongue brushed his—the perfect contrast to the hard metal ring in Tyler’s lip.
Strong hands dug into his biceps and squeezed as Quinn slipped the zipper down slowly. The middle of a public bathroom probably wasn’t the best place for this, especially since the therapy group would let out soon. Still, Quinn wasn’t about to stop when he had Tyler right in front of him – ready to give in.

And to think he was going to get himself killed a few days before. This was so much better than death.


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