Lost Wolves Series Super Sale!!!

The Lost Wolves series has been in KU for the last couple of months, and its time is almost up. To celebrate, I'm having a super sale on the (almost) entire series.

Omega in the Light (Lost Wolves Book Two) is free from Sept. 25th - 29th!

Omega's Destiny (Lost Wolves Book Three) is $0.99 from Sept. 25th - 30th!

Omega Enslaved  (Lost Wolves Book Four) is $0.99 from Sept. 25th - 30th!

If you haven't read the series, it's a great time to start.

Oh, and tell your friends!!! ^_^

To further celebrate, here's a lovely pic of Yashiro's ass from Twittering Birds Never Fly (my favorite yaoi ever!). Sketched by the goddess Yoneda Kou. *sigh*


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