Vigilante Page 10: Patrick comes out

And here's page 10! Patrick is blunt and Calder gets sorta flirty.

Read it here.

Oh, and Omega Untamed is finished! Well, I'm revising it right now. I sort of wrote it out of order on accident, so I have to redo several scenes, and add a few here and there. Fun!

Also, I was thinking of writing some side stories for a few of my series. They could either involve characters we already know, like Jin (from Haven City, for example), or ones we haven't met yet. Not sure if that sounds interesting to anyone but me. Let me know!

Oh, and the Omega Untamed cover reveal will happen this Monday!!!


  1. I like the idea of side stories. I was really looking forward to 'Fox and Hound' until you put it on hold indefinitely :( I'd be down to read about already established characters or new ones, I'm not picky.

    On a random note: I think it's interesting that you mentioned Jin, cause I'm currently making my way through the Haven City series and he first came up in the chapter I was reading today.

    1. Thanks for your input! I have several ideas, so I'm glad you're interested. I forgot about 'Fox and Hound' and I'm not sure what made me stop writing it. I have it partially finished too. I'll see if I can finish it.

      Oh, and I hope you like Haven City. Jin gets his own book, but there's more to his story I'd like to tell! ^_^


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