Manuscript Monday Omega Untamed (Lost Wolves Book Five): Abel Meets the Beast and Sexiness Happens

It's time for some sexiness in a bathroom again. Yeah. I might have a fetish for cleanliness or something. Probably the OCD coming out. Like it ever goes away. *cries*

Anyway, before that, know the book is on schedule and it should be out January 1st!

Now, drool over some hot fanart of Gangsta with me. Seriously. Worick and Nicholas are super hot together. Or alone. Or together. . . .

Book snippet time! Abel and Dagz have a rough time with some hunters and sexiness happens while they clean up. Note, this is still being edited so typos are possible. 

Abel told Dagz to wait outside, and explained the story of the stopped train to the man at the desk. The man didn’t seem to care, or perhaps he didn’t understand a word of it, but he offered Abel a room for the night. The room in question had a double bed and smelled like mildew and smoke. The ache in his bones kept Abel from caring.
Dagz didn’t complain, and he walked in slowly, eyes scanning the room without a word.
Abel was about to point at the bathroom and tell the omega to wash up when Dagz approached. Every step was timed with the beat of his heart, and regardless of the weariness that tugged at his muscles and mind, Abel straightened.
Not that it did much good.
His stature couldn’t compare to Dagz’s physical prowess. Not in a hundred years.
“Going to explain what happened?” Abel asked. He went for biting, but it came out worn.
Funny, Dagz didn’t look sleepy at all. Maybe this was the beast Dagz warned Abel about. He found he didn’t care. Not about the missing Jovana or those dead hunters. He also didn’t care about that spark in Dagz’s eyes, the expression that woke the lust Abel swore he buried hours ago.
Looks like that grave was shallower than he thought.
And maybe he cared about the last one, just a little bit.
“Your hand,” Abel said, and held Dagz’s eyes steadily. “Come on.”
Together, they squeezed into the tiny bathroom. Dagz took up most of the space with his bulk, and Abel dropped the lid on the toilet and shoved him down. The omega’s eyes burned as Abel washed the wound (which stung him) and then proceeded to stitch it closed. It looked worse than when he’d first seen it. The black spider webs of poison wound all the way around Dagz’s palm and up his wrist.
That would take longer to heal than he could afford, and yet—shit!
He should’ve been angry at the first wound, and not stupidly relieved that Dagz hadn’t gotten himself injured further.
“Lost her. Sorry,” Dagz muttered and lifted Abel’s palm to his lips. He kissed it gently and squeezed his eyes shut.
“You—shit. I don’t know whether to shower or go straight to bed. There are probably bedbugs, so does it matter?” he mused and let out a bark of laughter at the day he’d had. The month he’d had. Hell, the life he’d had!
His eyes nearly dipped shut when strong fingers tugged at his clothes.
Dagz’s fingers.
Pulling off his shirt.
His pants.
Abel should’ve stopped him. This was more of his slave training or whatever it was. But doing it himself, damn, he didn’t know if he had the energy.
Dagz did.
That should’ve been more annoying than it was.
“Get in with me or I might pass out,” Abel heard himself say.
Dagz didn’t argue. He wouldn’t. And the dirt that caked his hands and feet needed a good scrubbing. Plus, Abel himself wouldn’t be able to sleep until Dagz rested too. It was the nature of their connection.
Perhaps that’s why the silver affected Abel worse. He was smaller than Dagz. Alpha or not, the size of his body and its ability to fight off silver and wolf’s bane had some sort of correlation. One he never thought of until now since he’d hardly ever dealt with it before.
The hot water helped clear his head, and the soap woke his senses enough that he could stand up straight and focus on Dagz and that wall of solid muscle right behind him. Abel ducked out of the spray, rustling the mildew stained shower curtain, and leaned against the cold tile instead.
Dagz slipped the soap over his body efficiently, his tongue pressed between his teeth like he was physically biting back what he wanted to say.
“Are you trying not to jerk off in front of me? Does it matter when you know I can feel it?” Abel asked and laughed again. More of a chuckle really. He felt that cloud of lust swirling around him and blamed it on Dagz, but maybe it was his fault.
His own desire that clouded both of their minds.
Because Yue finally gave him a mate, and what the fuck was he waiting for?
Well, that mate not to be a damn puppet, for one thing.
Dagz’s eyes locked on him, and he shook his head once. Little droplets of water caught on the pricks of his dark hair and shone like gems.
Abel’s breath hitched from the look on Dagz’s face, the way the omega’s slightly crooked lips relaxed. His palms itched to touch that chest, slick with soap, and do the thing he’d pretended he wanted to do hours earlier.
In all sickening honesty, it didn’t take much work to get into character. Or stay in character. He’d never given much stock to living a normal life before since his had always been so far removed from it.
Second Prince of Wallachia and all. Oh, and not to mention the legacy he carried on his back besides that one: Royal Jester (officially) which actually meant Royal Assassin (unofficially). Abel’s training started the moment he could walk, and it was provided by his own second cousin, the current Royal Jester.
Catina was older than his father, and she smiled even less than he did, which was saying something. She chose Abel out of his two siblings as her heir, and had Abel balanced on the throne room beams by the time he could walk. If he hit the flagstones and broke a few bones, the lesson was not to do that next time.
Dodging knives was the same way. If he wanted to learn to toss, he had to know how to avoid getting hit. He learned how to move so quietly no one could hear him. How to slit an assailant’s throat and cut the vocal chord at the same time so they couldn’t make a peep. And he learned the exact spots on a body (both human and shifter) that would incapacitate or kill with one strike.
But for those brief moments this afternoon, he’d forced himself to be a person who didn’t know any of that. Refreshing? Not really. The idea of sharing a home with Dagz, however, hadn’t been half bad.
The steady stream of water rinsed the soap away, and Dagz leaned forward.
Turned the knob of the shower.
 His body was as strong as a brick wall, and his mouth moved closer.
Brushed Abel’s ear.
Abel’s temples throbbed and every breath he took inhaled more of Dagz’s musk. Any words he wanted to say dried up in his throat. This was the omega’s choice. Yet, another part of his brain, the small part that could momentarily separate itself from the heat of that flesh and the throb between his thighs, reminded him that the desire was still his.
“What—” Abel started, but Dagz’s cut him off.
Lips pressed into his. Not the same as the kiss that afternoon—the one for the benefit of those hunters. Because that had been lust for lusts’ sake, and this was more.
Dagz’s mouth opened up to him, the lips chapped and rough, but the touch gentle. A hand crept over Abel’s shoulder, around his back to pull him closer, while another cupped his cheek. The sudden brush of a tongue sent off lights behind Abel’s eyes, and he felt the groan rise in his chest.
His hands weren’t minding their own damn business like they should’ve. Instead, they wandered to Dagz’s arm and chest. Nails dug into the skin until the alpha felt the pinch against his own flesh—the shadow of his touch.
Strange how Yue’s spell worked.
Dagz’s cuffs hung heavily from his wrists, and Abel felt their full weight clamped around him, not just the ghostly sensation he’d learned to ignore.
The shower curtain rustled as Dagz shoved it aside, and the coolness of the motel room washed over his wet skin, tinged with sweat at the omega’s touch.
Abel needed to move. To lean back. To say something, but those powerful arms hefted him up and carried him out of the bathroom. Dagz’s bare feet padded across the tile and matted carpet to the bed. And still that mouth moved against his, brushed Abel’s lips and his neck, peppering it with kisses that caused his already achingly hard cock to twitch with that much more need.
He was supposed to be in control. An alpha. It was his plan. His job. And now, that part of his brain melted when Dagz’s did that thing with his mouth against Abel’s ear.
The bedspread was smooth beneath his bare flesh, and he took a breath, amazed that Dagz could move so carefully. The bed hardly even squeaked when he set Abel down. Maybe Dagz was learning something.


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