Manuscript Monday Hunter & Hunted: First Kiss

Hunter & Hunted is in the revision/rewrites phase. And it's almost ready for betas and the editor, just a little later this week. I hope.

I had a hard time picking out a scene for this Monday, mostly because the first two chapters are about Hunter and Spence meeting. So this scene takes place a little later on, after they've met, obviously. Just trust me that how they meet is awesome.

And when they sex it up it gets a little kinky, sort of like this SouRin pic, but more on that later. ^_^

Check out the sneak peek of Hunter and Spence kissing for the first time. Note: This is unedited and subject to change. Also, there are probably typos.

Being late afternoon, the subway car was crowded, and they got jostled inside. Spence ended up pressed against Hunter, and he apologized and turned around.
Hunter wasn’t sure that position was much better, considering every time the train moved Spence’s hip brushed Hunter’s groin. Yeah, that was impossible to ignore.  
Spence’s hood was still down, and his hair was mussed from wearing it. Hunter studied the cowlick that covered the crown of Spence’s head, and he way his jaw tightened every time his body rubbed against Hunter’s. Maybe he felt the half hard cock in Hunter’s jeans and was suspicious.
Or grossed out.
Shit. Hunter promised no funny business, but there were moments he thought about stuff. Like now. Or when Spence took a quick (cold) shower in the morning and suggested they try to heat water with the kerosene heater and fill the tub.
Not a bad idea.
Hunter never considered it. He just made due with cold showers every few days until it was acceptable to go back to Martina’s place without putting a strain on her finances. She said she was doing okay, but with Rico to look after. . . yeah, he wasn’t going to push it.
But with Spence shivering in that towel, his body slender with the hard hint of muscle that had been eaten away over the months, Hunter wanted to see more of it. 
All the more reason to go out and make some easy cash tonight. It’d help him forget about the way Spence crawled under his skin and made Hunter think about things he shouldn’t.
Not with an innocent kid like Spence.
After about ten stops, the car cleared out enough for them to sit.
With a sigh, Hunter took a seat, pressing his legs together uncomfortably and forced himself to grin at Spence as he sat on the bench next to Hunter.
“Sorry about all this,” Spence said.
He apologized more than anyone Hunter had ever met.
“I said it wasn’t a problem. You can tell me who those girls were, if you want. Or not. Either way, I’m good. She sounded like she knew you. Said something about Europe?”
Spence blanched, and his fingers twitched. It wasn’t cold enough during the day for the gloves yet. His nails were cut short and blunt, and his fingers were on the narrow side. 
Hunter shouldn’t have asked. Not like it was his business what went on in Spence’s past. He knew what it was like to keep secrets, and more importantly, why people kept them.
“Yeah. I think she had the wrong person.”
Well that was the lamest lie Hunter had ever heard. “Uh, she called you by your name.”
Spence opened his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut, like he was willing himself to speak.
That meant Hunter was being a jerk. “But it doesn’t matter. Like I said, kid. Your past isn’t as important as your present. Right? That’s sounds pretty fucking profound.”
Spence snorted. “It actually doesn’t matter. I knew her at school. She was just like everyone else. Fake and wrapped up in her own stupid life. I—I bailed on a trip to Europe at the last minute. That’s what she was talking about. My parents. . . . I just couldn’t go anymore. And I’m not a kid, okay? I’m eighteen. I actually graduated high school. I’m not some ten year old with no fucking idea what I’m doing. Just because you’ve been out here longer than I have doesn’t mean I'm stupid,” Spence kept his voice low in an angry whisper, and his stormy eyes widened.
Hunter hadn’t meant to lean in like that. His body moved before his brain realized what it was doing. Or that they were in a subway car rumbling down the tracks with the fluorescent lights flicking on and off over their heads. Or that other people were in the car with them, probably keeping a sharp eyes on the obvious delinquents.
Don’t do it.
Don’t do it.
“Not a kid, huh?” the words fell off Hunter’s tongue right before his lips met Spence’s.
Spence made a sound like a startled moan, but he didn’t pull away. Didn’t shove at Hunter’s shoulders and tell him what a perv he was for kissing Spence (who was eighteen—high school diploma and all). Instead, Spence’s mouth pressed into his, hard and hungry, and his tongue—not shy at all—swept against Hunter’s.
Fuck! His toes curled in his boots.  
And it didn’t do his cock much good either, but no way he was going to complain about it.
Heart pounding in his ears, Hunter pulled back and took a long breath.
Spence stared at him. “Since when are you gay?” he hissed, eyes scanning the subway car like someone might jump out of the woodwork and beat them up.
Not unheard of, unfortunately.
“Since always. How did you think I pegged you? Well, besides where you chose to bed down for the night. Your gaydar is way off, Spence.”
“But you’re out? Not closeted or anything?”
“Do you think I’d have kissed you in public if I was worried what anyone thinks?” Hunter asked and grinned.
It felt good, natural, to grin around Spence. He caused those little sparks inside Hunter’s body to go off and the only way to appease them was to give in. Smile. 
Spence blinked and the train slowed.
Franklin Street. Their stop.
Hunter stood and yanked on Spence’s hand. “Look, if you’re pissed, tell me about it on the way home.”
Spence didn’t pull his hand away. That was a good sign.
“I’m not pissed, I’m just—I didn’t know you were gay. I thought you were straight and felt sorry for me because I was the sad little queer kid.”
“You are the sad little queer kid, but I like that about you,” Hunter said and squeezed Spence’s hand.
Too bad they were completely out of cash now. Because after that kiss Hunter seriously would’ve considering putting off going out tonight. But if it meant feeding Spence and himself for a few more days, it was worth it.
Anything was.

Anything at all.


  1. Manuscript Mondays always leave me wanting more. I can't wait for the full book (even though I'm still in the middle of 'Omega Untamed' atm ^^')

    1. Yay! I'm so glad. And I hope you're enjoying Omega Untamed. ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Soon, my precious, soon. . . . as in, next Monday. ^_^ (And thanks so much!)


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