Trick & Treat (Broken Heroes Halloween Story) Released!

The Halloween story is out now. And it's only 99 cents!

Get it on Amazon.

Patrick Black and Calder King risk their lives every night as vigilantes looking over the corrupt city of Darkvale, but even superheroes need a night off every now and then. . . .

Year One - Patrick invites his hot jock roommate, Calder, to a Halloween party on their college campus. One caveat: they get to choose each other’s costume, and they both have something sexy in mind. 

Year Two - After dating Patrick nearly a year, Calder decides it’s time to hit up a gay club. Of course, Patrick adds an extra layer of kink to their night out, including an introduction into sex toys and a costume that breaks Calder’s brain in the best way possible. Can Calder up the ante and make this a night Patrick will never forget?

Also, to celebrate, Titan in Chains is free for the next 4 days.

Get it on Amazon!


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