Super Bundle Sale!

Okay, so I'm almost done with Sync & Shadows, but the book is rough so I'm not gonna do an MS Monday until next week when I have time to edit it a tad.

But I do have two new bundles and they're both on sale for 99 cents until Friday!

Check them out!

Bound (A Gay BDSM Anthology)

Wolf Pack Complete Series

Hurt Me

Thomas signs up for a sexual practices study at his university to help pay the bills, only to find the grad student leading the study is none other than his long lost love, Elliot Tucker. The study involves whips, bondage and levels of pain and pleasure Thomas never imagined he’d enjoy – but every lesson leaves him longing for more.

As old feelings surface, Thomas struggles to break down the walls Elliot built around himself. However, Elliot’s thesis is on the line, and the closer he gets to Thomas the less he’s able to control his dominant urges. 

But Thomas isn’t backing down –- not until the two men take a second chance at first love.


When a mysterious stranger offers Hiro a chance to get clean and off the streets, he takes it without hesitation. Maxwell, his savior, introduces him into the world of BDSM – and Hiro relishes in the pain, pleasure and control – delighting in his newfound role of sub to the sexy and powerful man. 

But Maxwell’s hiding a secret – a dead boyfriend that overshadows their budding relationship. Can both Dom and sub heal the wounds from their pasts and forge a future together? 

Sin for Me

Brother Pío has spent his entire life in a secluded Spanish monastery where he hides a fearful secret. Not only is he attracted to men, he also finds pleasure in pain. Instead of offering a path to sanctity, the thongs of his whip drive him into a flurry of lustful thoughts and desires. 

When Brother Matthew, a monk and traveling scholar, arrives he turns Pío’s world upside down. The man gives Pío the pain and release he needs, but at what cost? As Matthew helps Pío come to terms with his conflicted feelings, their relationship gives way to danger when the other monks grow suspicious. 

However, Matthew can’t remain in Son Rullan forever forcing Pío to choose where his loyalties lie: with the Church or with his lover? 

Each novella contains graphic gay BDSM sex scenes.

Wolf Pack Complete Series 

Mate (Silver Mountain Wolf Pack)

Jake Anderson, a detective, is a lone wolf and he doesn’t want it any other way. When he moves to Kellogg, Idaho, he’s greeted by the powerful pack that runs the small town. Worse yet, the pack’s alpha is his new boss – the handsome and rugged Captain Holden Walker.

While Jake doesn’t want a mate, he can’t deny his overwhelming attraction to the alpha – or the needs of the rest of Holden’s pack. But giving up his body to Holden and his life to a pack isn’t what he has in mind.

Each pack member, from the angry beta to the lowly omega, are in search of mates – and Jake’s entrance into the town changes everything. They have to deal with a pair of Eurasian wolf brothers, a wounded werecat and a new wolf who puts the beta’s position in the pack at risk.

Jake knows the truth -- wolves mate for life. But will he aid the Silver Mountain wolf pack or let his only chance for happiness slip away?

Warning: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Russian Wolf Pack

Alpha Bait (Russian Wolf Pack One)

Sam grew up next door to a house full of hot as hell Russian brothers, but something about the boys was always off. After he's attacked by a huge white wolf as a teenager, Sam leaves the town and his friends behind.

Seven years later, the death of his parents brings Sam back to his former life. Now he has to deal with the five sexy brothers all grown up, the return of the huge white wolf and his overwhelming desire for the gorgeous Russian men. But Yuri, the oldest brother, isn't happy with Sam's return. He claims Sam is wolf's bait and that he needs the five sexy brothers to protect him from werewolves hell bent on claiming him as their own.

Will Sam accept their protection at the price of his freedom?

Warning: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes and a gay menage.

Wild (Russian Wolf Pack Two)

When Wild, a lone omega, stumbles into a trap in the woods, a mysterious alpha saves the little wolf and takes him in. The man cares for Wild's wounds and offers him a new chance at life. But the sexy wolf stirs feelings the omega has never experienced – making Wild believe this man is his mate. He just has to prove it to the alpha first.

Caleb, a great white wolf, lives alone, and he prefers it that way. He doesn't need a young, lively whelp keeping him company, no matter how attractive the young man is. Especially when Wild wakes the need for a mate inside him – a need he buried a long time ago.

With a rival wolf pack hungry for Wild's blood, and a dangerous hunter on the loose – can Caleb protect the little omega without giving into his animal instincts and claiming the young man as his own?

Warning: Contains graphic m/m sex scenes.


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