And now for something completely different!

Okay, so I'm not gonna get Sync & Shadows back from the editor until next week, so I'm gonna post the first chapter then (after it's been cleaned up some).

In the meantime I thought I'd tell you guys something not so secret.

I wrote a non-romance book.


I know. I'm shocked too.

Okay, not really. I wrote 10 fantasy/sci-fi books before I started writing romance, and anyone who's read my books can tell I like writing fantasy, right? Well, I made a leap and thought I'd share.

It's being published under a different name: Z.V. Hunter. So I don't confuse anyone.

I'm pretty proud of it.

You can read a free short prequel story here called Path of Shadows, if you want. Note: you have to sign up for my new mailing list, but you can quit whenever you want.

Here's the cover:

Dead bodies don’t scare me. They can’t curse me, lunge at me or do anything but rot and stink. It’s their spirits that are the problem.

I’m Yukine Nox: necromancer, exorcist, dark mage, and the girl who’s gonna save your ass when spirits come knocking. I see between the veil that separates the world of the living from the Spirit World—a place full of ghosts and supernatural monsters called Calamities.

On the surface, Neo-Tokyo sparkles like an ultramodern jewel, but its roots run deep and dark, tangled in magic. When a powerful Calamity snatches young girls and leaves a trail of angry ghosts in its wake, I take the case. But the more I dig, the more dangers pop-up.

If I don't stop this creature soon, it’ll drape Neo-Tokyo in a veil of death.

It comes out March 27th, which may be before Sync & Shadows. I'm not sure. I hope they launch at the same time so I can go crazy.

Second note: This doesn't mean I'm not writing romance anymore. But I do like branching out. It lets me clear my head a bit. 


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