Sync & Shadows (Darkvale Book Four) Released and a Darkvale Series Super Sale!

The book is live! Yay!

*blows trumpet*


*other celebration stuff*

Get it on Amazon.

It's only $2.99 for the first week.

Also, the entire Darkvale Series is on sale. Titan in Chains is free. Hunter & Hunted and Titan Unleashed are both 99 cents. And, even better, the entire Darkvale Book Set 1-3 (with the Trick & Treat Halloween Short) is only 99 cents. The sale ends this Friday, so get it fast!

Get them here:

Darkvale Series

Darkvale Book Set 1-3

Spence Bennett never imagined he’d find someone who would love and accept him for who he was, but all of that changed when he met Hunter Westing. By day, they work to survive in the crime-ridden city of Darkvale. But at night, Spence and Hunter hit the streets as the masked vigilantes: Sync and Orion. 

While they’re busy targeting mob bosses and drug deals, another shadow moves through the city—a dangerous man known only as imposter X and Spence promised to help the man in exchange for his life. If he doesn’t follow through, the man will hurt Hunter. Possibly kill him.

Hunter Westing would do anything to protect Spence from Darkvale and his own the violent urges. The only way to relieve them are through their kinky sex-life and bashing in kneecaps of local criminals. But when the man that both threatened and saved Spence’s life calls in a favor, Hunter doesn’t have a choice but to obey. 

Can Spence and Hunter free themselves from imposter X’s web of intrigue, or is their love weaker than their enemies lies?


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